Mechanized Agriculture

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Mechanized Agriculture is the use of machines in agriculture. The use of machines on the farms to produce crops, poultry, fishery, etc.

Agricultural Machines

Here are some modern machines used in agriculture. These are

  • Tractors
  • Incubators
  • Harvesters
  • Trawlers
  • Sprinkler
  • Grinders

Problems of Mechanized Agriculture

  • Some of the machines are costly and not easily affordable
  • It causes deforestation
  • It increases erosion
  • Mechanized agriculture causes unemployment because machines are used in place of people

Application of Agricultural Technology to Fishing and Farming

  • They use insecticides
  • The use of drugs for animals and plant diseases
  • The use of improved quality of crops
  • The use of irrigation facilities
  • The use of tractors and machines
  • The use of fish ponds in areas without rivers

Advantages of Mechanized Agriculture

  • It increases production of crops, fishes, etc.
  • It saves time
  • It improves storage facilities
  • It reduces wastage
  • It makes farming easier

Disadvantages of Mechanized Agriculture

  • The machines are unaffordable to farmers
  • Tractors demand cutting down big trees
  • It renders farm labourers unemployed



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