Religion and Religious Belief


Do you go to church on Sundays, mosques on Fridays or shrines?




Religion is very difficult to define, but it basically refers to what you believe about human beings’ relationship to a higher power (or God). Religion teaches you a set of practices to live by, such as being kind to others, telling the truth or praying. Many religions have different traditions, like attending church or temple, celebrating religious holidays or wearing specific clothes.

Religion in Nigeria plays a major role in the life of the people, to some it is their candle light, it gives them insight, wisdom, knowledge and faith is increased through the study of scripture, books and prayers

In Nigeria, most people are either Christian, Muslims or practice traditional religion.  Religions helps us remain in line and stay focused. A religious leader is feared, respected and loved. He could mediate in situation that defy several means.

Religious Practices in Nigeria

The Nigerian constitution gives room for freedom of worship. Therefore, every citizen has the right to practice any religion of his/her choice. There are three major religion in Nigeria. They are:

  • Traditional Religion: African traditional religion is the oldest of all religions in Nigeria. This is because before the advent of Christianity and Islam, people had a way of worshipping god, which is the African traditional religion. Traditional worship varies according to the different ethnic groups. For example, traditional Yoruba religion is centred around a group of deities called Orisa. A deity is a supernatural being. Yoruba deities include Sango (god of lightning and thunder), Ogun (god of iron), Ifa or Orunmila (god of divination), among others. The Igbo traditional religion believe in one supreme being called Chi or Chukwu.
  • Christianity: This is the largest religion with large followers. Christians believe that there is one loving and forgiving God. They believe in a sacred book, the Holy Bible. It was introduced to Nigeria by Christian missionaries.
  • Islam: Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Muslims believe in one God, Allah. They believe that everything that happens is because of Allah, both the good and the bad. Muslim use the holy Quran as their holy book. They worship in the mosque and they pray five times daily. Their major material of worship is the bead. There are five pillars of Islam. These pillars are the declaration of faith, praying five times a day, giving money to charity, fasting and once in a lifetime pilgrimage.





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