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Who is a Leader?

A leader is someone who directs or guide others. A leader is someone who is honest, truthful and set good examples.

There are different kinds of leaders in our community. We have leaders in in our school, religious organizations and the government. Leaders in government are referred to as political leaders. Political leaders belong to an organization called political parties.

Political Party

Political party is an organization of people who have similar political views and principles and are interested in the affairs of a nation. It is an organization that seeks to gain or maintain power within the government. They do this by participating in political campaigns.

How a Leader is Selected

The following are the process in which a leader is selected. They are:

  • Political Campaign: It is a contest between candidates who wants to be elected into a government office. During campaign, the candidate must convince the electorate that they will be able to do the job if elected. They must explain their plans and goals they intend to achieve if elected. Candidates put up posters with their pictures and slogans on them.
  • Election: It is the formal process of electing or choosing a leader. It is the political process through which we elect leaders of our choice at all levels of government.

Function of Political Parties

  • They identify the needs of the people which government must satisfy.
  • They select and sponsor honest political leaders to contest elections.
  • They campaign for party’s candidates to win elections in order to rule affairs of the nation.
  • They ensure peace and monitor the political activities of elected officials. As well as make sure they fulfilL their political promises to the people.
  • They discipline erring members.
  • They provide mean by which people can have a voice in their government.


Formation of Political Party

Political party are formed by people with similar interest, view, philosophy and ideologies. The following things are necessary in the formation of political party.

  • Party Manifesto: It is a written statement that shows the programme of action of the party.
  • Party Constitution: The rules and regulations guiding every member of the party.
  • Party Logo: It is the symbol of the party.
  • Party Convention: This is a general meeting of the party where their executives and candidates are elected.
  • Party Executives: People who coordinates the affairs of the party.


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