Drug Abuse II


In the last class, we learnt what Drug Abuse is and how harmful it is to the health.



Prevention of Drug Abuse

There are ways we can prevent drug abuse. Some of these ways are:

  • Know the dangers of drug abuse, that is, to be aware of inherent dangers of drug abuse.
  • Avoid bad friend, because peer pressure has always been responsible for drug abuse.
  • Seek advice of parents, teachers, doctors, nurse and pharmacist before drugs are used.
  • Avoid buying medicines in the buses or open stores, because drugs from buses or open stores are usually fake, expired or adulterated.
  • Avoid self-medication that is, taking drugs without prescription by doctors or pharmacist
  • Do not take medicine by yourself. Let your parents, teachers or a trusted adult give you the drug to use.
  • Take only those drugs you are asked to take. Do not take those that you are not given. Doctors know better. They know what you need and that is what you have been given.
  • Do not take an overdose of drugs. Take what the doctor has advised you to take.
  • Keep drugs out of the reach of children.
  • Ask questions about drugs you are not familiar with from your parents, teachers, doctors or nurses. If you are in doubt of any drugs, ask any of these people who will explain them to you.

Non-Governmental Organizations that Promotes Physical and Social Well being

  • Boys Scout
  • Red Cross society
  • Girls Guide
  • Rotary Club
  • Boys Brigade
  • Religious Organization

Moral Responsibilities

The moral responsibilities we should imbibe to protect ourselves and other against drug abuse:

  • Discipline
  • Accept criticism and change bad ways of life
  • Obey rules
  • Adhere to religious tenets
  • Recreate always

Consequences of Non Compliance with Moral Responsibilities

  • Cultism
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Disrespect to constituted authorities
  • Indiscipline

Drugs laws and how they are enforced

Drug laws are the rules and regulations guiding the production and use of drugs. Your teachers can invite a professional in this area to give you a talk on this. However, the following must also be done.

  • Talk to people about the need for wise use of drugs.
  • Share and show concern for other people, especially those with a problem of drug abuse.
  • Control the use of drugs.

Roles of agencies controlling the use of drugs

The government has put some agencies in control of the use of drug. These agencies are:

  • National agency for food and drug administration and control (NAFDAC). This agency inspects every drug that is produced locally and internationally. They approved or disapprove the sale of drugs. They give numbers to drug manufacturing companies and their products. Each product must have a NAFDAC number. You must look out for this number on any drug you are buying, or you are being given. If you do not see the NAFDAC number, do not take it. That drug has not been certified as good.
  • National drug law enforcement agency (NDLEA): this agency is in charge of control and use of hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin, Indian hemp, etc. they arrest people they catch selling or using these drugs.

Other people’s role in the control of the use of drugs

Apart from the agencies mentioned there are other people who should take an active role in the use of drugs.  These are:

  • Family or parents should provide love, care and support for their children.
  • Parents should show good examples to their children.
  • Parents should be vigilant and watchful. They should show an interest in the activities of their children.
  • The school should monitor and observe children closely. The school should report any bad behavior of students to parents.






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