Personal Hygiene and Physical Development

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Personal hygiene deals with the total cleanliness of a child. Personal hygiene is keeping our body and clothes clean. This involves having our bath regularly, cleaning our teeth after each meal, washing and ironing our clothes, combing and cutting our hair and cutting our nails, etc. It also entails keeping our surroundings clean. We can prevent the spread of diseases such as malaria by cleaning the gutters in our communities and neighbourhood so as to ensure there is no stagnant water.

On the other hand, physical development deals with the growth of a child.


Characteristics of Physical Development of Children At Pre-Adolescent Stage

  • Girls initially grow taller than boys.
  • They grow hair under the armpits and private parts.
  • Changes in the voice of boys
  • The breast of girls begin to develop and grow bigger


Factors that can Hinder Growth in Children

  • Infections transferred from mother to child (HIV)
  • Poor feeding
  • Illness
  • Hard labour
  • Heredity



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