Differences between Men and Women

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Do you know the differences and similarities between your Mum and Dad?




Ways in Which Men and Women are the Same

  • They are both human beings
  • They can both think
  • The both need to eat food to stay healthy
  • They need to come together in marriage in order to give birth to children
  • They are similar in the way the brain function
  • They are similar in their personality trait, their ability to communicate effectively and the ability to lead

Ways in Which Men are Different from Women

  • Men have stronger muscles than the women
  • Men have deep voices while women have soft voices
  • Men grow moustache and beards while women do not
  • Women carry pregnancy while men do not
  • The sex organ of a man is different from that of a woman

Traditional Roles of Men in the Society

  • Men are the head of the family
  • They provide for the family needs such as food, clothes and shelter

Traditional Roles of Women

  • They take care of the house
  • They cook for the family
  • They look after the children

Causes of Inequality Between Men and Women

  • Unequal access to education
  • There is gender discrimination in terms of sharing of resources
  • Women are not always given consideration in politics
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