Marriage Cultures and Practices

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Marriage is the lawful union of a man and a woman to make up a family. It is an agreement between a man and a woman to live together as husband and wife. It involves a union between two families. When two people are married, they live together in the same house. They support each other and work hard to make their family strong and happy. Marriage is usually the beginning of a nuclear family.

Marriage is important due to the following reason:

  • To provide food for family members.
  • Clothing and shelter is provided for family members.
  • It is a tool for raising children.
  • It is also a tool for caring for the sick and elderly.


Marriage customs and practices differs from culture to culture. In most culture, marriage usually begins with a wedding ceremony, which formally unites the marriage partners.

Selecting a Marriage Partner

Most people meet their life partner through an introduction by family friends or acquaintances. When a partner has been selected, several stages occur. These stages are:

  • Dating: This is the process of spending time with a prospective partner to get to know them better.
  • Courtship: When dating becomes more serious, it may be referred to as courtship. After a period of courtship, the man and the woman may decide to get married.
  • Introduction: Once a couple decide to get married, they must inform their families and perform a formal introduction. Introduction is where the families of the man and the woman are officially introduced to each other.
  • Engagement: This is the period between when a couple decides to get married and their wedding day. A woman who is known as the man’s fiancée and the man is known as the woman’s fiancé.
  • Wedding Ceremony: This is the event that the couple is officially joined together as husband and wife.

Values that are Important in Selecting a Marriage Partner

  • Affection
  • Trust
  • Care
  • Honest
  • Tolerance


Some reasons people have for getting married are:

  • For companionship
  • For procreation (to have children)
  • Sharing the same life values
  • Sharing the same goals






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