Speechwork: Vowels /u/ and /u:/


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In today’s English Language class, We will be contrasting the vowels / u/ and /u:/. We hope you enjoy the class!


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A. SpeechWork

Topic: vowels


/ u/     and     /u:/

Foot               food

Could            cooled

Full                 fool

Pull                 pool

Hood              hewed

Wood             wooed



Write ten words for each sound.



B. TOPIC: Grammar

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CONTENT: The Use of Apostrophe ‘s, s’ and of.

  1. This is my brother’s
  2. Horses’ hooves make an exciting sound.
  3. Do you like the colour of the new curtains?

Example 1 means: This is the bicycle of my brother, that is, it belongs to him. The apostrophe comes before the letter ‘s’ because brother is singular.

Example 2 means: The hooves of horses make an exciting sound. The apostrophe comes after the second letter ‘s’ of horses because horses is plural.

  1. With things (a curtain, is a thing, not a person).
  2. When the person or thing that has the colour, owns the bicycle etc. it is expressed by a fairly long-phrase (e.g. our new curtains). Where possible always use ‘s or s’ rather than of. We should not normally say, for example, this is the bicycle of my brother


Practice 2 (1-10) p 215, Effective English.



C. TOPIC: Literature Poetry.

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CONTENT: Dear Africa by Michael Du-Anag.

This poem alerts the attention of the black race to embrace and admire Africa. It calls on Africans to demonstrate their love for Africa. It emphasizes the urgency needed to recognize the beauty of the continent. Africans are implored to wake up from their slumber to see Africa as a beautiful place that needs the attention of the entire black race.


P 183 Exam Focus Objective questions (1-5).



  1. Underline the noun phrases in the following and state their grammatical functions
      1. The man I saw is here.
      2. The children’s tutor is tall.
      3. I have some expensive jewellery.
      4. The wooden shelf is dusty.
  2. Fill the gaps with the most suitable words from the options.
      1. One of my brothers ____ always round. (A) were  (B) is  (C) am (D) are
      2. The cook needs only ____ salt to make the food tasty. (A) a pinch of salt (B) a bowl of (C) a spoonful of (D) a cup of
      3. Yours is to command; ____ is to obey. (A) their’s   (B) there’s    (C) there    (D) theirs
      4. He is always asking for more, ____. (A) was he (B) doesn’t he? (C) wasn’t he? (D) does he? (E) isn’t he?
      5. I prefer drinking ____. (A) then eating (B) from eating (C) to eat (D) to eating (E) like eat



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In our next class, we will be talking about . We are very much eager to meet you there.


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