Grammar: Usage of ‘Despite’, ‘In Spite of’


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In today’s English Language class, We will be discussing the Usage of ‘Despite’, ‘In Spite of’. We will also be contrasting the Vowels /dʒ/ and /ʒ/. We hope you enjoy the class!



TOPIC: Grammar

CONTENT: Using Despite and In spite of

In spite of, despite and although are used to show a contrast but there are differences in the structures used with them.

After in spite of and despite, a noun or a pronoun is used.


  1. We enjoyed our camping holiday in spite of the rain.
  2. Despite the pain in his leg, he completed the marathon.
  3. Despite having all the necessary qualifications, they didn’t offer me the job.
  4. In spite of the bad weather, there was a large crowd at the match. 


Make sentences with despite and in spite of.


Effective English JSS 2 p. 240 and 243



TOPIC: Speech Work

English-Speech-Sounds- english classnotesng

CONTENT: The Letter /dʒ/ and /ʒ/

Listen and say these words:

/dʒ/                                  /ʒ/

Gin                           Vision

Joke                         erosion

Jeep                         fusion

Jeer                          leisure

Jest                          diffusion

Large                       confusion

Ridge                       casual



List five words with each of the sounds.


Effective English JSS 2 p. 233



TOPIC: Vocabulary Development

vocabulary development english classnotesng

CONTENT: Words to do with newspaper

  1. Editorial column: part of a newspaper where the editor or publisher expresses his opinion on a topic or item or news.
  2. Articles – pieces of writing on subjects likely to be of interest to readers.
  3. Headlines – titles of articles and stories printed in large letters.
  4. Layout – arrangement of a printed page.
  5. Cartoons – funny drawing usually intend to criticize.



We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

We have come to the end of this term and hence JSS2. It’s been a remarkable journey and we are glad that you have made it this far. For making it this far, we commend you for being resilient, you have taken charge of your education and future. The Journey still continues though, we are moving on to JSS3. we hope to see there. 


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