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TOPIC: Grammar

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CONTENT: Antonyms

Antonyms are words of opposite meaning. Examples:

Above- below

Accelerate- retard

Active- passive














Write the antonyms of these words: immoral, minority, joy, spendthrift, prologue, feeble, intractable, folly, industrious, profane.



B. SpeechWork

TOPIC: Distinguishing the Consonant

Sounds /w/ and /j/

Listen attentively to the following words and difference between the sounds.

            /w/                                         /j/

Wear                          year

Woke                         yoke

Warn                          yarn

Woo                            you

Quell                           yell


Write ten words for each sound.



C. Vocabulary Development

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TOPIC: Vocabulary Development + Armed force

CONTENT: Registers on the Armed forces.

The armed forces include The army (for fighting on the land), the navy (for fighting at the sea) the air force (for fighting in the air). The army, navy and air force are sometimes called the services. Let us look up the words on p. 195. Effective English.


Practice 2 p. 196


D. TOPIC: Literature Poetry

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CONTENT: Eating Tomorrow’s Yam by Niyi Osundare

The poem is about an argument between a prodigal and the entire community in a rural environment. The poem seeks to pass a moral comment that only wise people always know the consequence of any action. The subject matter of the poem centres on what to be done with the only remaining yam for a whole village.


Revision Questions: Essays p. 180, Exam Focus




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In our next class, we will be talking about Vowels. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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