Revision of Second Term’s Work 


Welcome to JSS2 Third Term!

We’ve had a remarkable journey from the First term to this moment.

In today’s class, We will first be having a revision of second term’s work, The we will look into The Uses of Present Tense. We will also be having a look at some Consonants. Enjoy the class!



  1. Revision of Second Term’s Work
  2. The Uses of the Present Tense.
  3. Consonants /t/,/d/,/p/,/b/


The following topics were taught during their second term:

  1. Requests and Commands
  2. Present and Past Tenses
  3. Adverbial- Manner, Time, Place
  4. Demonstrative Adjectives
  5. Direct and Indirect Speech
  6. Patterns for Yes/No Questions
  7. Writing – Narrative, Argumentative and Expository Essays.
  8. Letter Writing – Informal and Formal

We shall succinctly look at these topics.


  1. The Uses of the Present Tenses

The simple present tense is used:

  1. To refer to actions and situations which happen repeatedly all the time or at any time.


  1. I visit my grandparents for every school holiday.
  2. They live near my house.
  3. The bell rings when this button is pressed.
  4. To refer to the future (after ‘if’, conjunctions of time and in discussions about programme and Timetables)


  1. I’ll come if she invites
  2. Please tell her the news when she arrives
  3. The plane takes off at 9:30 pm.
  4. In stories told in the present and in sports commentaries.


  1. ‘She picks up the letter and begins to cry …………..’
  2. ‘Edetthrows the ball to Audu who flings the ball at the goal with all his might but the goalkeeper intercepts the ball before it crosses the goal line’.
  3. In expressions like “I hear, ‘I see’, “I gather” and when introducing quotations.


  1. I see you have bought yourself a new car.
  2. Do you remember what the Principal says about honesty?


The New Students’ Companion Ex 17 (B) 1-10

  1. Consonants /t,b,d,p/

/p/          /b/        /t/            /d/

Pad       bin       ten          den

Park      ban      tug         dug

Pet        bat       team      deem

Push     bomb   try          dry

Pay      bud       town      down

Mop    bark       train       drain

Tap      bush      trip         drip


Write out fie words for each sound.


  1. Change the following sentences below to Reported Speech.

e.g. ‘I will punish Charles severely,’ said the teacher.

Answer: The teacher said he would punish Charles severely. Now do these:

  1. “My mother has come to stay with us for a couple of weeks”, said she.
  2. “I will see him tomorrow after the lecture,” said Kingsley.
  3. “We killed two snakes here last year,” explained the woman.
  4. “Lanre may not bother to come; he can do that later,” said the mother.
  5. Complete each of the following sentences with the proper forms of the verbs in the brackets.

e.g. She has _______ a song (sing).

Answer: she has sung a song.

Now do these:

  1. The dogs ___________ as they saw the stranger chin over the wall (bark).
  2. We are not _________ to make a noise in the class (allow).
  3. The farmer _________ the planting season (like)
  4. Nobody _________ our names (know).
  5. The woman was ________ the way to the village market (show).


The New Students’ Companion p 88


Fill in the gaps with the most suitable word or group of words from the options provided.

  1. We ___ able to attend the party again last weekend.  A. can’t be    B. aren’t C. weren’t    D. couldn’t be
  2. ___ a road without looking right and left is crazy. A. To cross B. Cross C. To be crossing D. You cross
  3. Since my luggage is ____ than yours, you should help me. A. Heavy B. heavier C. heaviest D. More heavier
  4. Mary ___ her food every day. A. will eat   B. ate    C. eaten   D. eats
  5. The goalkeeper picks the ball and ___ it to the player. A. passes  B. is passing   C. will pass   D. passed


Change the following sentences to the simple present tense.

  1. Ada saw the plane as it took off.
  2. Bode had finished his work before going home.
  3. My teacher was flogging me for coming late.
  4. If she had read well, she would have passed the exam.
  5. I did my work well.


We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

In our next class, we will be talking about Grammar: Question Tags. We are eager to meet you there.

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