Revision of last Term’s work, Speech Work



Welcome to JSS2 Second Term!

We are building on our work from the first term.

In today’s class, We will be having a little revision and We will also be discussing Speechwork: Rymes. We hope you enjoy the class!



  1. Revision of Last Term’s work
  2. Speech Work: Diphthongs
  3. Writing: My New Year Resolution. Writing a Report, Outline and Features
  4. Grammar: Requests and Commands Pg. 94
  5. Reading/Comprehension: Extracts from Things Fall Apart P.91
  6. Writing: A Letter to One’s Parents 

A. Revision of Last Term’s Work


During the first term, we were able to study the following:

  1. Parts of Speech
  2. Transitive/Intransitive Verbs
  3. Types of composition – Narrative, Descriptive, Argumentative, Expository
  4. Elements of Composition Writing – Introduction, body and conclusion, pre-writing, editing, the arrangement of ideas.
  5. Question Tags
  6. Active and Passive Voice
  7. Tense: Present, Past and Future
  8. Conjunction: Types and Future
  9. Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
  10. Figures of Speech

In this lesson, we shall briefly talk about each of the highlighted items.


B. Speech Work: Diphthongs

/ei/:    play, pale, pail, state, cake, day, wait

/ai/:    pie, my, height, plight, mite, write, right

/ƆI/:    oil, boy, toil, toy, foil, noise, joy

/әu/:   go, hoe, home, no, know, coat, goat, hose, rose

/au/:  house. how, now, cow, row

/ɪә/:    beer, here, near, idea, fear, cheer, beer, serious, peer, tier

/eә/:   pair, air, hair, bare, there, fare, bare, chair, there, bear

/uә/:   tour, moor, poor, sure, lure, endure

EVALUATION: Underline the words with diphthongs in the following sentences:

  1. Rome was not built in one day.
  2. He alone went to raise funds to build the stadium.
  3. Horse riding is both a skill and an art.


C. Writing

Content: My New Year Resolution

In this type of essay, you are expected to make a summary of what you did the previous year.

Discuss the things you were able to achieve in the previous year.

The things you were unable to achieve.

Discuss in details what you intend or resolve to do or achieve this year.

Discuss what you will do in order to achieve these set goals.

EVALUATION: Write a comprehensive essay on this topic: My New Year Resolution.


D. Grammar: Requests and Commands

Content: To learn structures for requests and commands

Request making could take any of the following forms.

  1. Request from a student to a senior person e.g. a teacher, use please and could. E.g.
  2. Please could you explain how to do this sum?
  3. Please Can you tell us how to do this sum, please?
  4. Request from one student to another.
  5. Please and can or could. E.g. Can you help me carry this table, please?
  6. I need a ruler, could I borrow yours, please?

You can also say what you want and add an if clause, E.g. I’d like my pen back if you’ve finished with it.

  1. Requests from a senor person to a student – these usually have the force of commands

e.g The imperative (a command) e.g. Give these pencils out!

  1. Will you, e.g. Will you close the door, please?
  2. Would (a request), e.g. Would you close the door, please?
  3. Would you mind and verb in the –ing. E.g. Wouldyoumind giving these pencils out, please?
  4. I’d like you to …E.g. I’d like everyone to hand their work in tomorrow, please.

EVALUATION: Effective English JSS 2 (PG 95. Practice2 1-3)

READING ASSIGNMENT: Effective English JSSS 2 pgs 94 – 95


E. Comprehension: Extracts from Things Fall Apart

Content: To Understand and Enjoy an Extract from a Novel.

This passage is an extract from Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

Okonkwo has just taken part in the killing of Ikemefuna, his adopted son. The oracle of the village had said that the boy must die, but one of the elders had told Okonkwo that he ought not to take part in his son’s death.

EVALUATION: Practice 2 (1-10) P.92 Effective English JSS 2 

READING ASSIGNMENT: Effective English JSS 2 P.92


F. Writing: Informal Letter

Content: To Write a Letter to One’s Parents

The composition that is set here has these detailed aims:

It gives you the opportunity to:

  1. Explain something that has happened.
  2. Make a polite request.

EVALUATION: Imagine that you are on holiday with the family of one of your friends and your friend has been admitted to hospital. Write to your parents, explaining what has happened and asking them to send something to interest your friend. Before you begin, read again the letter in the vocabulary section on P.101

READING ASSIGNMENT: Effective English JSS 2 P.104.


Change the following active sentences into the related passive sentences:

  1. She broke it carelessly.
  2. You can catch a rat with the trap.
  3. They have written a letter to the commissioner.
  4. They are now writing another to the governor himself.
  5. Chinyere brought the workers some water in the morning.


  1. Fill the blank space in each of the following sentences with: ‘a’. ‘an’ or ‘the’
  2. .Bako is __________ women. She saw ________________ man and __________ animal.
  3. I saw ________ lion and _______ elephant at _____ zoo of _____ University of Lagos.
  4. He is __________ Governor of Lagos State
  5. Bowen is ______________ European who works in _________University.
  6. He is kind to ____________ (a man and an animal: man and animal).
  7. Complete each of the following sentences with the best option from the alternatives lettered A-E.
  8. The _____________ has referred the patient to an eye specialist. dentist   B. family doctor       C. sister   D. pharmacist    E. ward attendant
  9. There is little hope because the patient is now in a ___________ condition. poor   B. critical      C. deadly   D. chronic    E. fatal
  10. Those who sustained injuries during the accident have been rushed to the ___________ mortuary    B. maternity     C. theatre   D. ward   E. casualty
  11. Before I start using this medicine, let me read the information on the _____________. measure   B. transfusion   C. nature   D. dosage   E operation
  12. She has not been feeling fine since she drank that ________ water. hygienic  B. epidemic  C. contaminated   D. infectious   E. contagious


We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

In our next class, we will be talking about Speechwork: Stress. We are eager to meet you there.

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