Grammar: Uses of the Form of the Verb Have

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  1. Grammar: Uses of the Form of the Verb Have
  2. Vocabulary Development: Preparation for the Reading Passage
  3. Reading: Parents Responsibilities.
  4. Writing: Pride Goes Before a Fall
  5. Speech Work: Distinguish /ʧ/ and /∫/
  6. Literature – Sunrise Poetry: The Love of Mathematics



A. Grammar: Primary Auxiliary Verb

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Content: Uses of the Form of the Verb Have

The verb “have” is a primary auxiliary which can stand on its own or help the main verbs. The forms of verb for have are: has, have, had.

Examples of “have” as the main verb:

  1. He has a shovel.
  2. I had the book years ago.
  3. Kenya has a hot and humid climate.
  4. They have a party this afternoon.

Examples of “have” as a helping verb:

  1. He has dug quite deep.
  2. The pieces have cut her fingers.
  3. Our little sister has broken a glass.
  4. Bimpe has left the door open.


Underline the have verb in the following sentences and state whether it is used as a main verb or a helping verb.

  1. We have begun to move at last.
  2. My friend has a cute mole on her face.
  3. Have people ever swum this canal?
  4. It had been copied.



B. Vocabulary Development

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Content: Preparation for the Reading Passage.

  • Scold: To tell a person, usually angrily, that he has done something wrong.
  • Civilization: Higher standards or behaviour and understanding.
  • Restrict: To hold back or limit. To restrict the speed of a car, for example, is to keep it below a certain speed.


Effective English JSS 2 p. 182



C. Reading: Parents and their children.

The passage talks about the meaning of the word parents and the various functions and roles they perform. The roles and duties of parents include feeding, clothing and educating their offspring.


Effective English JSS 2 p. 183. Practice 3 (1-6)



D. Writing: Pride Goes Before a Fall

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This is a narrative essay. A narrative essay is a writing in which a story is told. Hence, the past tense is used; say when and where the events happened, why they occurred. What the main characters were doing before the event, were any other people involved? And the consequences. A narrative essay can contain factual or imagined stories or a combination of the two.

Qualities of a Good Narrative Essay

  1. It must contain a clear and interesting introduction.
  2. It must have a well-developed middle section.
  3. Events are narrated sequentially and in well-laid paragraphs.
  4. It must have a brief and satisfying conclusion which should bring out the points of the narration or express the writer’s final feelings.

Your creative imagination has to be brought into focus so that your treatment of the story will be systematic and attractive.

You create a character that is very proud of himself or herself. You have to show that this character does not take advice from people, but that he/she overlooks people. It is this flaw of pride that will eventually lead the character to his down fail.


Write a story that justifies this saying, ‘Pride Goes Before a Fall’.



E. Speech Work: Distinguish /ʧ/ and /∫/.

Listen for the differences in the pronunciation of these words.

/ʧ/                    /∫/

Bash                 batch

Shop                chop

Cash               catch

Ship                  chip

Sheep              cheap

Evaluation: Write ten words for each sound.



F. Literature: Sunrise Poetry

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Content: The Love of Mathematics


This is a type of poem called ode because it is a poem that appreciates or addresses mathematics as a subject. Through the use of personification, the poet tells us everything about mathematics. He (the poet) encourages us to see mathematics as the pivot of ‘rosy’ or ‘choices professions.


  1. Write out the ample examples of the figures of speech used in this poem.
  2. P 18 Activities (1-3) Sunrise Poetry (2).




Write the correct form of the verb in parentheses:

  1. We have (began, begun) to move at last.
  2. He has (left, leaved) early several times.
  3. I wish my sister had (come,came) too.
  4. I have (wrote, written) several postcards.
  5. We (ran,run) twenty minutes ahead of schedule.


College Essays for Basic Class 8.



  1. Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with the most appropriate option in the alternatives given.
  2. These books are ______________ theirs     B. their’s     C. them     D. theirs’
  3. The two ruffians were hitting wildly at__ A. theirselves B. themselves C. one another D. each other
  4. The other books are __ A. chief Chukuwma’s B. Chief’s Chukwumas C. Chief Chukwuma D. Chief Chukwumas.
  5. The ___ for the selection of winners was unfair. A. criterion B.criterium criteria   D. criterions
  6. These girls are the ___ daughters. Commander-in-chief’s     B. Commanders-in-chief’s     C. Commanders-in-chiefs     D. Commanders-in-chief
  7. ___ is the arrangement of events in a work of art. A. Setting B. Diction C. Characterization D. Plot
  8. A story that ends on a sad note is ___. A. prose comedy    C. drama D. tragedy
  9. The sun peeped at me is an example of a/an A. personification B. alliteration C. assonance
  10. metaphor
  11. A figure of speech in which a speaker says the opposite of his intention. A. alliteration B. assonance irony    D. metaphor
  12. Which of the following is not a figure of speech? Simile B. Metaphor   C. Adjunct    D. Irony




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