God saves His people 

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God is a Savior and so He saves.

TOPIC: God saves His people

TEXT: Exodus 1:1-12, Exodus 2:1-10, Exodus 3:1-5, Numbers 27:15-23.

                                             How God saves His people

God saves His people by using those who are brave and zealous. He speaks to those he chooses to use. God speaks to them through dreams or through a still small voice. While speaking to whom he has chosen, he instructs and guide them until they have achieved the task before them.

                                             God intervention on Israelites

The people of Israel  suffered in Egypt. The Egyptian made them work hard, they did not show them any pity at all. However, they increased in number despite the maltreatment and labor by the Egyptians.

Then Moses was born, his mother cared for him for just three months, after which she took him to the river side and laid him there. Afterwards, Moses was discovered by the daughter of Pharaoh, she named him Moses, which means I drew him from water. Then she handed  him over to the nurse to care for him.  Moses who was Hebrew grew up as an Egyptian prince, because God used Pharaoh’s daughter to save Moses who would later deliver the Israelites.

So God saved the people of Israel through Moses, as he grew he saw how the Israelites were treated. On an occasion, he saw an Egyptian guard beating a Hebrew slave, he became furious, as he tried to save the Israelite, he killed the guard.

God also used Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. He approached king pharaoh that God sent him to tell him to let His people go. Pharaoh did not listen, but after the plague he released them and later pursued them. Which led to the destruction of the Egyptians.

Moses requested from God a leader who will lead the Israelites, so the lord told Moses to lay hands on Joshua who has the ability of a wise leader. Moses did according to all God told him.

Moral lesson

  • God is loving and does not want His children to suffer.
  • God said, He will not leave nor forsake us. He fulfills this in our lives.
  • Our preservation comes from Him.
  • Our creator never forgets His creation, when we seek Him, we find Him.
  • He wants us to be faithful to Him, he is a jealous God.

Quiz Activities

  • Who succeeded Moses to deliver the Israelites?

ANSWER: Joshua

  • Why did you think the Egyptians did not like the Israelites?

ANSWER: Because they increased in number and they may overcome if war breaks out.

  • Who gave the name Moses, and what does it mean?

ANSWER: Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses means I drew him from water.



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