God’s creation for man’s interest

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TOPIC: God’s creation for man’s interest

Text: Genesis 1:21 – 31

Have you ever created something just to play with it or to enjoy it, perhaps a toy? That is what God did with man. He created man to company with him.

Everything created by God both visible and invisible were created for man’s pleasure. The sun, moon and stars are for the purpose of light, to serve us all day long. The air we breathe in is something essential for life.  God gave man dominion over all his works just so man can live a good and happy life!  He made everything for the benefit and survival of man. God cares so much for us, this is why He formed the earth and everything we will need before He created man.

Some of the things created for man’s interest are: fruits to supply our body with essential nutrients. Horses for transportation and leisure, Earth for farming, Trees to provide wood for building etc, Leaves and herbs for food and medicine etc, animal’s skin to be used as raw material for making bags, shoes and belts etc.

Moral lesson

  • God loves us and wants us to be comfortable.
  • God is a wise God
  • God is organized and orderly
  • He knew our needs even before He created us

Quiz Activities

  • Why did God love us?

ANSWER: We are is creation, more so, He created us in His image and likeness.

  • Who created animals and named them?

ANSWER: God created animals and Adam named them.

  • God created horses and donkeys for transportation and man’s leisure. True/False


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