God saves us from danger

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TOPIC: God saves us from danger

SUB TOPIC: God’s deliverance of people from danger.

TEXT: Gen. 21 : 1 – 30, Dan. 6 : 1 – 28, Dan. 3 : 3 -10, Exo. 14 : 10 – 22

                                What is deliverance? 

Deliverance is being set free from spiritual bondage and barriers that hold us back from walking in the victory that Jesus won on the cross of Calvary!

God is supreme and sovereign, He is the mighty man in battle. He does not want His children to suffer nor be oppressed. Yes! Life is full of troubles and trials that makes us feel insecure and in danger. Never mind, the Bible assures us in Psalm 91 that we are safe and secured in Him, hence, no evil will befall us. However, if troubles, sickness, affliction, conspiracy of the wicked etc. come our way, we will overcome them in Christ Jesus!

Examples of God’s deliverance

  1. Story of Isaac ( Genesis 21: 1-19 )

Isaac was the only son of Abraham and Sarah, they bore Isaac at their old age. After a few years God decided to test Abraham’s faith and love for Him. God instructed  Abraham to sacrifice his only son at one of the mountains in Moriah.

The next day, Abraham and Isaac journeyed on a donkey to the mountain where the sacrifice will take place. Isaac asked his father, where the lamb is seeing  the knife and the fire, Abraham responded saying, God will provide. Then he bound Isaac and laid him upon the wood to be sacrificed but God called out and stopped him from sacrificing his son. When Abraham looked  up, he saw a ram, he then sacrificed it instead of his son.

  1. The story of Daniel (Daniel 6)

Daniel loved, believed, trusted  God and loved to pray. He had an excellent spirit, as a result, King Darius put him in charge of his kingdom.

The governors and other leaders became jealous of him. They conspired to make the king sign a decree that no one should ask anything from any other God except the king for thirty days. They knew Daniel will be found wanton of this decree because he was a man of prayer, who loved to commune with God.

When Daniel knew the decree was signed, he went home and prayed to God three times daily. When the leaders heard him praying, he was reported to the king. The king was not happy when he heard Daniel was found guilty. He was reluctant to have him thrown in the lion’s den but the law is more superior than the king. Hence, Daniel was thrown in the den of lion, but king Darius told him that his God would deliver him.

After Daniel was thrown in the lion’s den, the king was not at peace with himself. The next morning, the king stood by the lion’s den and shouted Daniel’s name. Daniel responded saying “ O king live forever, my God has sent His angel to shut the lions’ mouths that they may not hurt me”.  King Darius was happy!

The king commanded all those that plotted against Daniel to be thrown in the lion’s den. He also told all nations and dwellers of the place to fear and worship the God of Daniel, that He is the living God.

  1. The story of Shedrack, Meschach and Abednego. (Daniel 3:3-10)

Shedrack , Meschach and Abednego were fondly called the Three Hebrew Boys! King Nebuchadnezzar made a golden image and commanded all people and nations to worship it. Whosoever did not worship or bow to the golden image will be thrown into the fiery furnace.

Shedrack, Meschach and Abednego refused to bow to the golden image, then the news got to the king. They were brought before the king, even in the presence of the king, they said they were not going to bow. The king was angry, so he commanded that they should be thrown into the furnace. The fire did not hurt them because God was with them.

When the king realized that they were not consumed, he praised their God and made a decree that anyone who speak evil against Shedrack, Meschack and Abednego shall be cut into pieces. He also promoted Shedrack, Meschach and Abednego in the Province of Babylon.

  1. The crossing of the Red Sea. (Exodus 14: 10 – 20)

The Israelites were suffering in Egypt during the time of king Pharaoh. So God told Moses to lead them out of Egypt.

They departed from Egypt, so they were very happy that God has delivered them from the oppression of Pharaoh. As they were going they realized that the Egyptians were pursuing them. Again they saw a great Red Sea ahead of them. The Israelites began to murmur and complain to Moses, saying “why didn’t you leave us in Egypt instead of us to drown in this sea. Then God told Moses to stretch the rod towards the sea, the sea parted and the children of Israel walked on dry land to the other side. While on the other side, the Egyptians were still approaching, they drowned with their chariots.

Moral lessons

  • God meets us at the point of our need, just as He provided a ram for Isaac as sacrifice at Moriah.
  • God fights our battle as long as we are faithful to Him.
  • God answers prayer.
  • The conspiracy of men to destroy any child of God will not stand.
  • The fact that we are Christians does not mean that we will not be tempted or persecuted.


Quiz Activities

  • Is Abraham a good father?


  • Then why will he sacrifice his only son?

ANSWER: He did because he feared and loved God.

  • What was king Darius’ reaction when Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den?

ANSWER: He was worried about him.

  • Shedrack, Meschach and Abednego were thrown into the den of lion’s den.


  • Who lead the Israelites across te Red Sea?

ANSWER: Moses, through the instruction of God.



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