Things created by man.

Hey! How do you do today?

I am certain your have created a toy for yourself more than once. You can do that because you are a creator like God who created you.

TOPIC: Things created by man.

TEXT: Genesis 1: 26 – 31

God gave man dominion over the works of His hands. Today, the earth looks beautiful and fascinating because man has transformed the earth  to a welcoming abode because of the knowledge and ability given man. Hence, man has explored making the earth a beautiful place.

Some of the things created by man are: aeroplane, car, bicycle etc. for transportation, mobile phones, TV, radio, laptop, internet, interior decorations, good roads, pedestrian bridges, escalator, lift, medical equipment, furniture, buildings, kitchen utensils etc.

Moral lesson

  • God is capable of impacting His creations.
  • Man is like a replica of God, He created us and gave us the privilege to manufacture things.
  • The essence of being alive is to enjoy and explore the mind blowing things provided by our maker.
  • God’s most wonderful creation was man.
  • Man was created to glorify God.
  • Though man has a free will as designed by God, yet he is accountable to God.


Quiz Activities

  • Did God give us a free will?


  • Who made the skyscrapers we find around the world?


  • What do you think the world will be like, if man had not constructed the road, buildings etc.?

ANSWER: It will not be as beautiful as it is now.




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