God shows us mercy

It feels so good being with you in class today.

Did you know that you can actually forgive that your classmate that broke your pencil? Yes, you can show to him/ her mercy because God shows you mercy too. 

TOPIC: God shows mercy to us

TEXT: Luke 15: 11 -13, Matthew 9: 9-13.

What is mercy?

Mercy means withholding punishment even when someone is found guilty. It also means showing kindness to someone. Mercy can also be defined as choosing not to harm someone you have power over. Mercy also means overlooking a wrong deed and pardoning the offender.

God’s mercy on us

God is a merciful God. He is ever – forgiving. We are His children in good and bad times. When we realize our mistakes and sin, then we turn to Him, He is always willing to forgive our sins. Though He has the capacity to punish us when we sin but He chose to always forgive us. Before His crucifixion, He was maltreated, beaten and tortured, yet He forgave everyone of them.  He is indeed a merciful God.  So many stories in the scriptures tell us about mercy. One of them is:

The Story of the Prodigal son

A man had two sons, one day, the younger son walked up to his father to request for his own share of the father’s inheritance. His father granted his request. Then he left home and went to a far country. There he squandered the money in careless living ( partying, junks etc).

When he had spent all he had, famine broke out in the land where he was. There was no more money with him, so he began to starve. Then he decided to take up a farm job, where he will feed pigs. The prodigal son became so hungry that he began to eat the pig’s food.

Suddenly, he realized he had sinned against heaven and his father, he also realized he had so much to eat at home. Then he said to himself, “why will I starve myself here? I’ll rather return home and be one of my father’s servants”

He returned home, his father was excited to have him back. He welcomed him with open arms. He was clothed in a new robe, party was organized to celebrate his return.

Moral lessons

  • The lesson teaches one not to pay evil for evil
  • It is good to be humble
  • It teaches us to be patient and respectful
  • It teaches us to be forgiving
  • It is bad to be a spend rift
  • Be prudent with spending

Quiz Activities

  • Why did the prodigal son return home?

ANSWER: He realized he had sinned against his father

  • Where did the prodigal son work?

ANSWER: Where pigs were fed.

  • Was his father happy to have him back?

ANSWER: Yes, he was.

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