How The Holy Spirit guides us

It’s CRS today and we will be finding out how the Holy Spirit guides.

TOPIC: How The Holy Spirit guides us

TEXT: John 15:27

Our God is the giver and possessor of all truth. Truth is not what we can create and it is not our discovery.  It is something that cannot be debated. Therefore, the Holy Spirit alone can guide us to all truth. He will not speak on His own, but in accordance with the directives from above.  The Holy Spirit conveys messages to whom God has sent him.

The Holy Spirit guides us in the following ways:

  • The Holy Spirit announces things to come.
  • He reveals the mind of God to His people.
  • As a result of the word of God we hear, He reveals Himself to us more. This revelation comes through His word.
  • The Holy Spirit teaches us and guides us in all our ways.


 Significance  of the Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit guides and delivers us from danger
  • The Holy Spirit gives us the grace to do exploits and extraordinary things.
  • He inspires us to live a holy life and as Ambassadors of Christ.
  • He reveals the hidden things of the father.
  • The Holy Spirit guides us to evangelize the word of God.
  • He grants us redemption
  • He teaches us all things.
  • He teaches us how to pray
  • The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the truth and guides us towards obedience of the same.

Moral lessons

  • God is mindful of us
  • He is true and wants us to worship and seek Him in truth.
  • The Holy Spirit knows what is to come

Quiz Activities

  • Why is God mindful of His creation?

ANSWER: He is mindful of us because He loves us and we are His image.

  • Can the Holy Spirit be seen or felt?

ANSWER: No, the Holy Spirit cannot be seen but His presence can be felt.


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