Things God provides

Hi. How are you today?

In class today, we will be looking at the things God has provided and provides for us.

TOPIC:  Things God provide

TEXT:  Genesis 1

In the beginning  according to the book of Genesis, God provided a lot of things for man’s benefit.

The things provided by God are:

  • Light e.g. sun, star and moon to illuminate and brighten up our path during the day and night.
  • Some animals as food e.g goat, pig, cow, ram etc.
  • Vegetation such as plants and trees useful for food and herbs
  • Rain in season which helps soil to be fertile
  • Land and seas useful for transportation, fishing, farming and leisure
  • He provides our clothing
  • God provides shelter
  • God provides security from danger
  • He provides good health
  • He provides love
  • God provides peace of mind


Moral lessons

  • God is a great provider
  • He has the interest of His children at heart.
  • God is love
  • He is kind
  • He is wonderful

Quiz Activities

  • Why did God provide for us?

ANSWER: He does not want us to suffer.

  • Things provided by God are for man’s benefit.


  • What can we get from the rock God provided?

ANSWER: We can get materials for building

  • How can we tell God our needs?

ANSWER: We can tell Him through prayers.

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