God wants us to work II

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What do you think are the reasons your parents work?

TOPIC: Why we should work

TEXT: Genesis 1: 28 – 30, Genesis 3: 17, 2 Thessalonians 3: 3 – 13

                                                    To earn a living

According to the Bible verses stated above, God wants us to work, He does not want us to be idle. When we work,  we will be paid for the work or services rendered.  It  will be very easy for us to meet all our needs and all the needs of our family members and relative.

To take care of our needs

Some of the needs we may take care of in the family are:

School fees

Hospital bills



Other bills etc.

Moral lessons

  • It is bad to be lazy
  • Laziness leads to begging
  • Idleness leads to temptation by the devil, if care is not taken, may lead to sin.
  • A poverty striking family may be raised if the head of the home is not earning a living.
  • Children may be abused and become wayward.
  • Lack of inheritance

Quiz  Activities

  • Why should we work?

ANSWER: We work to earn a living.

  • Will a jobless person have enough to care for the member of his family?
  • ANSWER: No
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