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Do you go to church on Sundays? Have you ever heard the word Pentecost or the phrase The Day of Pentecost?

TOPIC: Pentecost

TEXT: Acts 2: 1-13

What is Pentecost?

Pentecost is a Christian festival that celebrates the coming down of the Holy spirit upon Jesus’ disciples in Jerusalem. This event occurred after His ascension to heaven. It was the seventh Sunday after Easter.

                                        Events of the day of Pentecost

On the day of Pentecost, The Holy Spirit came upon the disciples of Jesus Christ. Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a comforter and the spirit of God in man. The Holy Spirit is not visible, it is a the spirit of God.

Jesus Christ appeared to His disciples after resurrection, He promised them He would send the Holy Spirit to guide them in all truth.

On the seventh Sunday after resurrection, the disciples were in the upper room in one accord suddenly the Holy Spirit descended.

                                          The descent of the Holy Spirit

  • The sound of a mighty rushing wind filled the place.
  • Tongue as that of fire rested on each disciples’ head.
  • The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • They began to speak in new tongues as the spirit gave them utterance.

                                Spiritual significance of the day of Pentecost

  • The day of Pentecost marks the day of fulfilled promise of a comforter.
  • It marks the birth of the church.
  • On the day of Pentecost the apostles received power.
  • Before the descent of the Holy Spirit, the apostles were timid to preach the gospel, but after the Holy Spirit descended, they became brave and bold.
  • The gospel began to spread after The Holy Spirit has come.

Moral lessons

  • God keeps promises.
  • The Holy Spirit leads us
  • It gives us power to do mind blowing things

Quiz Activities

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?

ANSWER: He is the comforter

  • When did the Holy Spirit descend?

ANSWER: He descended after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • What was the evidence of the Holy Spirit on the disciples?

ANSWER: They began to speak in new tongues and they could preach to people as they were no longer timid or afraid.


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