God supplies our needs


We thank God for Mum and Dad who try their best to meet our needs but who meets their own needs too? it is God. He can and He loves to provide for our needs and even our parents needs. As a matter of fact, He supplies the needs of the whole world, even animals too. God is good and kind.

TOPIC:  God supplies our needs

TEXT:  Matthew 6:25 – 36, Matthew 7:1-11

God is an amazing and kind God. We learnt in creation story that He created the heaven and earth and all the natural things, then He created man. He created man in His image and also provided all that man will need before creating man. So all these shows to us that He is the God of provision!

                                  God provides our needs ( Matthew 6:25-26)

God provided for the Israelites when they were in the wilderness. He provided them with manna from heaven and quail from the sea. God cares for us, this is why He said we should not worry about what to eat or drink. He expressed the depth of His love for us, by telling us of how the birds never work yet eat. Humans being the image of God need not worry also about what to eat, drink, wear etc, all we need do is trust in Him for our provisions.


   God grants our requests (Matthew 7:1 -11)

Our parents care so much for us, when we request for candies, bicycle, etc. they buy them for us. However, God’s love is greater than theirs, He assured us that when we ask anything in prayers He will grant it unto us. And so He taught His disciples to pray.

Moral lesson

  • God is mindful of His creation
  • He answers prayer
  • He is all sufficient, this is why He is capable of providing for all humans, both white and black.

Quiz Activities

  • How could God meet the needs of all?

ANSWER: He is El-shadai

  • How do we commune with God?

ANSWER: Through prayer

  • He fed the Israelites with ____________ and ____________ in the wilderness.

ANSWER: Manna and quail


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