God wants us to work


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What do your parents do to earn money, teaching, baking, trading? You will see in this class that God wants us to work, He doesn’t want us lazy.

TOPIC: God wants us to work

TEXT: Genesis 2:15, 2 Thessalonians 3:6 -13

                                              What is work?

Work is a job, something done to earn money. Work is also to perform or fulfill duties regularly for wages or salary.

                                              To earn a living

People work in order to be entitled to salary or wages. Individual have different profession, and they are knowledgeable in their fields.  Workers  render  services and value to clients and people, then in turn they are paid for the services.  People must work to raise money. One can either engage in business or render services to people to earn money.  An idle person will never have what he or she needs, they will always look up to people for help, which is not good.

God does not like people who are lazy or idle. He wants us to work. When we are busy, the devil will not have his way in our lives.  When God  created Adam and Eve, He put them in charge of The Garden of Eden, to dress it and keep it.

To take care of our needs

In order to meet our needs, we need to work. The income from the work we do, is what we use to take care of our needs. Some of our needs are:

  • Rent
  • Clothing
  • Utility bills
  • Food etc.

Moral lesson

  • It is good to be hardworking
  • One’s need is easily met.
  • God blesses our efforts to earn a living, making us prosper in every good work.
  • Laziness leads to poverty.
  • Busy hands to end up as prey to the devil.

Quiz Activities

  • Why do people work?

ANSWER: To earn a living

  • What do we use the income from work done for?

ANSWER: To take care of our needs and the members of the family.

  • School fees, clothing and food items are some of the needs to be met at home.



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