The need to be merciful to others  

How are you today? Fine, I believe.

Why do you need to forgive your neighbor who broke your water bottle?

TOPIC: The need to be merciful to others 

TEXT: Matthew 18:21-34, Matthew 5:7

God is merciful

It is important to be merciful to others because God is our good example. The Bible says “All have sinned.” We deserve to be punished by God, looking at our sinful ways. Yet He forgave us. Matthew 5:7 says “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.”  Jesus taught us to forgive as many times as possible.

The story of the unforgiving servant teaches the importance of being merciful to one another. A servant owed his master some money and could not pay back. Then his master told the servant that him and his household be sold to pay back. He begged the master and told him he will pay, then the master accepted.

The same servant had someone owing him, he ordered that the debtor be thrown in the prison. The debtor pleaded but he did not listen. The master of the unforgiving servant heard this and was displeased with him. He ordered that he should be tortured until the money he is owing is paid.

Moral lessons

  • A merciful man receives mercy
  • God is always willing to forgive us
  • God forgives our sin, no matter what we may have done.
  • We seek God’s mercy through prayers.

Quiz Activities

  • What happens to you when you are merciful to others?

ANSWER: One will receive mercy too

  • The master in the story of the unforgiving servant is ____________________

ANSWER: Merciful


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