Influence of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives

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The Holy Spirit has the power to make us do the right things and behave in the right way.

TOPIC: Influence of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives

TEXT: 2 Timothy 1:17

The Holy Spirit is a great and positive influence. As soon as we accept Christ as our Lord and savior, He comes in and take residence. He now lives in you fully. You do not have to beg Him to come in, He resides automatically as soon as you confess Christ your savior.

The Holy Spirit teaches us all truth.  He bears witness with our spirits that we are the children of God.  The Holy Spirit spoke and set apart Barnabas and Paul . He appointed them to special work. They went from place to place preaching God’s word. The Holy Spirit prepared their hearts for the mission work. He taught them what to say.

The Holy Spirit is still powerful like as of old. He teaches us what to say just like He taught the Apostles. When we go evangelizing, He prepares the heart of the people to receive you and the word of God you bring to them. Then the Holy Spirit convicts them of their sins and turn their hearts to Christ.

Having accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, the Holy Spirit makes us obedience to God’s word and commandments. He reveals the truth to us, we become more knowledgeable in His word. He begins to guide our precepts and daily dealings.

We become loyal to Him in all areas of our lives. He leads and dictates our decisions. We will not take a single step without Him. We seek Him in all things and He is always ready to respond and yield our call. The Holy Spirit is indeed our great influence.  He will never allow us to take the wrong decision, He watches us and guides our daily living.

The Holy Spirit influences us in the following ways too:

  • The Holy Spirit helps us to be honest.
  • The Holy Spirit helps us to be disciplined
  • The Holy Spirit helps us to love and care for each other.
  • He helps us to respect and honour our parents, teachers and elders.
  • The Holy Spirit helps us to forgive one another, no matter the offence.

Moral lesson

  • We can always depend on the Holy Spirit for help.
  • The Holy Spirit is powerful.
  • He bears witness in our spirits.

Quiz Activities

  • Is it possible for a child to be influenced by the Holy Spirit?


  • Who is the Holy Spirit?

ANSWER: The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.

  • Is the Holy Spirit visible?

ANSWER: No, the Holy Spirit cannot be seen.

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