Roles of the Holy Spirit

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Are there things you do in your home, things Dad and Mum expect you to do, things they don’t need to remind you of? Those things can be referred to as your roles in the home.

TOPIC: Roles of the Holy Spirit

TEXT: Acts 3:26-46, Acts 4:27-32

The Holy Spirit is capable of doing numerous wonders:

The Holy Spirit guides our utterances while spreading the good news: Peter and John surrendered all they were going to do to the Lord in prayers. They became bold when they spoke the word of God to the people. All the people they approached embraced the word with love and faith. This is because the Holy Spirit guides them when they talk.

The Holy Spirit encourages us to preach the gospel:  An example of a person in the Bible who was courageous to preach the gospel was Philip. The Holy Spirit spoke to him to go to the desert road. On his way he met an Ethiopian official who was in charge of the wealth of the Ethiopian queen. Who was on his chariot returning from the place of worship in Jerusalem. Then the Holy Spirit told Philip to move near the chariot, he did and heard the man reading Isaiah. Philip asked if he understood what he was reading. The Ethiopian official said no, then he ordered Philip to come on the chariot so as to explain to him. Then Philip explained the scripture to him.

He preached the good news about Jesus Christ to him. When they got to an area where there is water as they rode on the chariot, he longed to be baptized. Immediately Philip heard this, he baptized at the nearby water. then the spirit of the lord took Philip away and the man went with joy!

The Holy Spirit gives us boldness as a child of God:   The Holy Spirit gives us boldness, he always persuade us to preach the gospel for he is happy and pleased when souls are saved. We must always seek the Holy Spirit and follow his instructions.

The Holy Spirit is a comforter:  The Holy Spirit comforts us. He directs and guide us to taking right and Godly decision.

Moral lesson

  • The Holy Spirit is our strengthener.
  • The Holy Spirit teaches us all things
  • The Holy Spirit gives boldness to preach the gospel
  • The Holy Spirit gives understanding and interpretation of His word.

Quiz Activities

  • State two apostles who went to preach the gospel

ANSWER: Peter and John

  • What is the duty of the Ethiopian official?

ANSWER: He was in charge of the queen’s wealth.

  • Why didn’t the Ethiopian official see Philip after the baptism?

ANSWER: He did not see him because the Holy Spirit suddenly took Philip him away.


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