The reward of the faithful servants

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TOPIC: The reward of the faithful servants

TEXT: Matthew 25:14-29

Who is a faithful servant? A faithful servant is faithful. He is teachable. He is available and flexible. A faithful servant fulfills his responsibilities as a child of God. He is faithful in his dealings with his brothers and sisters in Christ.

Jesus explained the parable of the faithful servants. We saw this previously on our week four lesson. The faithful servants traded their talents and were rewarded by their master.

Matthew 25:14-30, “A master gave three of his servant talents and money to trade with, while he embarked on a journey. Of the three servants, only the first and second servant traded with their talents and earned double more. While the third servant buried his own talent, and brought them out when the master arrived. The master commended the two wise servants and scolded the third servant and collected the talents from him and added it to the wise servant’s talent.

Faithful servants are rewarded for their commitment and dedication to work and whatever is committed into their hands. Masters, entrust more responsibilities into the hands of faithful servant. And so is God, when we do His work with zeal and enthusiasm, He is moved to reward us greatly.

There is reward for every faithful servant of God.

Moral lesson

  • There is reward for everything we do
  • A faithful servant gets a good reward from the master
  • An unfaithful servant gets a bad reward

Quiz Activities

  • What reward does a faithful servant get?

ANSWER:  A faithful servant gets a good reward

  • The master described in Matthew 25:14-29, gave talents to how many servants?



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