Care of Rooms in the House II

Welcome to class, I hope you enjoyed the last class. Today we will be talking about the care of the room in the house II. Follow me closely and you will understand what we are about to talk about.

Cleaning agents are materials and chemicals that have the power to loosen and remove dirt. They are materials used for removing dust and dirt from various surfaces in the home.

Examples of cleaning agents that can be bought in the market are soap. Scouring powder, vim, detergent, etc.

Examples of Home Made Cleaning Agent

  • Salt
  • Ashes
  • Find sand
  • Edo powder
  • Finely ground charcoal
  • Ground chalk
  • Local sandpaper leave
  • Snail or eggshells

Classes of Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents can be classified as solvents, detergents, abrasives, alkalis, acidic, bleaches, polishes, and waxes

  • Solvents: They are substance which remove dirt by liquifying it and holding it in suspension. E.g. water, grease solvents
  • Detergents: They aid the removal of grease and dirt. E.g. soap
  • Abrasive cleaners: They clean by rubbing off dirt through friction. E.g. vim, sandpaper
  • Alkaline cleaners
  • Polishes are applied to surfaces such as wood to improve appearance.
  • Waxes are in different forms and brands. They are used to protect surfaces and improve appearance.

Preparing Home Made Cleaning Agent

From ground egg shell

  • Collect eggshells, wash and dry well
  • Grind on a clean surface
  • Sift the ground shells
  • Store in a tin

From fine ashes

  • Collect ashes
  • Spread it on a surface to dry
  • Sift it until very fine
  • Store in a tin or a bottle


  1. What is cleaning agent?
  2. List three examples of home made cleaning agents.
  3. State four classes of cleaning agent.
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