Simple Basic Stitches

Welcome to class, I hope you enjoyed the last class. Today we will be talking about simple basic stitches. Follow me closely and you will understand what we are about to talk about.

Stitches is the process of passing threaded needle and thread in and out of a fabric to make a special design. It means the movement of thread and needle in and out of the stitches. They are the fundamental elements of sewing, knitting, crochet, needle lace making, among others.

Types of Stitches

There are two types of stitches

  • Temporary stitches
  • Permanent stitches

Permanent Stitches

Permanent stitches are used to join two or more pieces of materials together permanently. The thread used must match the fabric in terms of colour and texture. Permanent stitches are used for mending clothes. They are also used in joining two pieces of fabrics together. Permanent stitches remains on the cloth. It is not removed like the temporary stitch.

Examples pf permanent stitches are:

  • Running stitches: This is used for making line or for joining two pieces of materials.
  • Back stitches: This is a strong handstitch that can be used in place of straight machine stitching
  • Hemming stitches: This is a slanting stitch used to hold down garment hems. It is worked from the wrong side of the garment.
  • Decorative stitches

Uses of Permanent Stitches

  1. Permanent stitches are used for sewing clothes
  2. They are used for making decoration on clothes
  3. They are used for repairing tears or mending clothes.


  1. Define stitches.
  2. Mention the types of stitches we have.

 We have to the end of the class.


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