Care Of The Hands, Fingers, Nails And Feet

Welcome to class, I hope you enjoyed the last class. Today we will be talking about care of the Hands, Fingers, Nails And Feet. Follow me closely and you will understand what we are about to talk about.

The hands, fingers, nails, and feet are important parts of the body. The hands and fingers are used for touching many things including food. We even put them into our mouth. The legs give support. They are in close contact with the ground, dust, and dirt. They can also become hiding place for disease germs. The way your hands, fingers, nails, and feet are maintained and cared for affects your appearance.

Functions of the Hand

  • We eat with the hand
  • We write with the hand
  • We work with the hand
  • We clap with the hand

Reasons For Keeping Our Hands Clean

  • We wash our hands so that we do not swallow germs from dirty hands
  • We cut off finger nails shorts so that dirt will not find place to hide in them.

When to Wash the Hands

We must wash our hands

  • After visiting the toilet
  • Before and after meals
  • After play
  • After working in the garden.

How to Wash the Hand

We wash the hand properly by

  • Applying soap
  • Washing away soap with water
  • Drying hand with towel

Care of the Feet


  • We walk with our feet
  • We run with our feet
  • We play ball with our feet
  • We dance and jump with our feet

When to Wash the Feet

  • We wash the feet after playing
  • We wash the feet before going to bed


  • Wet the feet with clean water
  • Rub soap on the feet
  • Use the hand to rub hard on the feet, taking care of the spaces between toes
  • Wash soap away with water
  • Dry feet with towel



  1. List three functions of your hand.
  2. Mention three ways you can care for your hand.
  3. State two functions of the feet.
  4. Mention two ways you can care for your feet.

we have come to the end of today’s class. If you have any question ask using the comment. Thank you for following me.

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