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An accident is harmful in nature. An accident is also an unfortunate and unexpected event that destroys lives and property.


Causes of Accident in the school
  1. Dirty environment: When the school premises is dirty, it could lead to accidents.
  2. Pouring water on the floor will make the floor to become slippery, thereby causing accidents.
  3. Playing with a dangerous instrument in the school such as a knife, blade, cutlass etc. will lead to an accident.
  4. Careless usage of chemicals in the school laboratories will cause accidents in the school
  5. Exposed live electricity cables or wire will cause accidents in the school
  6. Students playing rough plays and running on the staircase will cause an accident in the school
  7. Student climbing trees in the school will cause an accident in the school
  8. Fighting in the school causes accidents.


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How to Prevent Accidents in the School.
  1. General cleanliness of the school environment and maintenance of the school facilities.
  2. Students should not play with dangerous instruments such as cutlass, knife, blade, chemicals etc.
  3. Avoid exposed or live electricity cables or wire.
  4. Remove all dangerous things from the ground that can cause accidents.
  5. Safety instructions should be provided in the school and strictly followed by everybody.
  6. Stop running in the classroom.
  7. Be careful when using a blade
  8. Use a sharpener instead of a razor blade.
  9. Make sure the tables and the chairs are arranged properly.
  10. Keep the floor clean and ensure that there is no water on the floor.
  11. Stop running in the classrooms and stairway
  12. Look down when you are walking.



Suggest ways of preventing accidents in the school.



Steps to Take When Accidents Occur in the School

  1. Report accident to parents, elderly persons and teachers.
  2. Give first aid care or treatment.
  3. Take the victim to nearby hospital or clinic.
  4. Remove what caused the accident.



  1. What are the steps to take when an accident occurs in the school?


General Evaluation/Revision Questions

  1. Who is your uncle?
  2. What is the son of your brother called?
  3. What is the full meaning of the following? i. ICPC ii. EFCC NAFDAC   iv. NDLEA
  4. What are the benefits of group behaviour?
  5. Identify five behaviour that could destroy friendship.


Reading Assignment

Macmillan JSS Social Studies book 2 by M.A. Orebanjo, I.O Osokoya et. al. Pages 84 – 85.


Weekend Assignment

  1. A sudden occurrence of an event that is harmful in nature is known as A. accident B. suddenness  C. substance  D. emergency
  2. Which of the following chemicals should be carefully handled in the science laboratory? A. stool B. acid C. tables D. hydrogen
  3. All the following items are found in the first aid box in the school except A. plaster B. iodine C. Panadol D. acid
  4. Fighting in a school is a form of A. courage B. self-control C. indiscipline D. self-determination.
  5. Which of the following accidents is not likely to occur in a school A. burns B. electric shock C. fall D. plane crash.



  1. Suggest ways of preventing accidents in the school.
  2. What are the steps to take when accidents occur in the school?



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In our next class, we will be talking about Health Issues. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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