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Family Health


Harmful substances are food, water, fruits or drugs that are unfit for human consumption. Harmful substances are also contaminated food, drinks and drugs that destroy the body.

Examples of Harmful Substances

  1. Stale Food: The food which has lost its freshness or becomes old and dry.
  2. Poorly Cooked Foods: The food that is not properly or well cooked.
  3. Rotten Foods: Foods that have lost its freshness and spoilt to the extent of growing mucous and changing original colour.
  4. Infested Foods: The foods which have been contaminated by houseflies or other animals.
  5. Expired Foods, Drugs or Drinks: They are items that have stayed longer than their consumable periods.
  6. Unripe Fruits: Fruits that are not matured or not ripe for consumption.
  7. Impure Water: Water that is not fit or safe for drinking as a result of pollution or contamination



  1. Define harmful substances.
  2. Give examples of harmful substances.


Ways of Preventing Intake of Harmful Substances

  1. Avoiding eating of stale foods.
  2. Make sure your foods are properly cooked.
  3. Avoid eating dirty and infected foods.
  4. Avoid taking expired foods or drugs.
  5. Always lookout for the expiry dates of drugs and packaged foods and drinks before consumption.



Suggest ways of preventing the intake of harmful substances


Evaluation Questions/Revision Questions

  1. Identify three importance of socialization.
  2. Suggest five ways crimes could be reduced in Nigeria.
  3. Differentiate between primary and secondary socialization.
  4. Mention the states that are found in the South-West geo-political zone of Nigeria.
  5. Why is family regarded as the primary agent of socialization?


Reading Assignment

Macmillan JSS Social Studies book 2 by M.A. Orebanjo, I.O Osokoya et. al. Pages 102 – 103.




Weekend Assignment

  1. The government agency that fights against expired, fake and adulterated drugs in Nigeria is A. Nigeria Medical Association B. Association of Pharmacists C. National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control D. Drug Hawkers of Nigeria.
  2. Which of the following is not a harmful substance? A. Stale food B. expired drug C. fake drug D. jollof rice.
  3. All the following are stale foods except A. food that have lost its freshness B. food that is dry C. food that is still fresh D. food that is old.
  4. Tuwo, Kunnu and Fura are popular foods among the A. Itsekins B. Nupes C. Igbiras  D. Hausas.
  5. The following are qualities of a rotten food except A. growing mucous B. changing original colour C. it smells D. retains its original colour



  1. Define harmful substances.
  2. Give five examples of harmful substances.
  3. Suggest ways of preventing the intake of harmful substances.



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