Drug Trafficking 


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Meaning, Reasons for Drug Trafficking, Dangers, Prevention

This is the illegal or unlawful movement of hard drugs (very strong illegal drugs) from one place (mostly from their places of production) to where they will be consumed.


Reasons for Trafficking in Drugs

  1. Greed and Love of Money
  2. Lack of self-denial.
  3. Negative peer pressure.



  1. What is Drug Trafficking?
  2. Which year were drug traffickers killed to discourage others in that act?


Dangers of Drug Trafficking
  1. Premature death.
  2. Wrong/negative image of the country of the drug trafficker.
  3. Increased crime rate.
  4. Economic and psychological effects on the family of the trafficker if killed or imprisoned.



  1. Job availability
  2. Provision of social security for the aged and unemployed by the government.
  3. Enlightenment Programmes
  4. International co-operation to fight the act
  5. Adequate punishment
  6. Law Enforcement Agencies to be well equipped.



  1. Identify and explain three consequences of drug trafficking
  2. Discuss two ways by which drug trafficking could be stopped.



  1. Give three causes of drug trafficking.
  2. Explain any one of the above-mentioned causes.
  3. Discuss two dangers of drug trafficking.
  4. State four reasons for studying Social Studies.
  5. List five objectives of Social Studies.



Solakat New Syllabus on Social Studies for JSS Vol II by A Oluwashola Oyewole, pgs 23 and 24

Macmillan JSS Social Studies 2 by M.A. Orebanjoet.al., pg 20 – 23



  1. Which of the following is not an example of a hard drug? (a) Cocaine (b) Chloroquine (c) Marijuana (d) Heroine
  2. Drug Traffickers were killed to discourage others during the regime of (a) Gen. Sani Abacha (b) Alh. ShehuShagari (c) Gen. Mohammed Buhari (d) Gen. Ibrahim Babangida
  1. The illegal movement of drugs from one country to another is known as (a) drug trafficking (b) drug abuse (c) drug addiction (d) drug transportation
  1. All but one of the following are consequences of drug trafficking (a) The traffickers may be jailed (b) The carrier may be killed (c) Its fosters international cooperation (d) the act damages the image of the country
  2. People engaged in the illegal movement of hard drugs  (a) to foster international trade (b) to reap the legal economic benefit (c) as a result of negative peer pressure (d) to earn an honest living wage



  1. Define drug trafficking and state three causes of drug trafficking.
  2. What are the needs for self-employment?



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