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Communication: Meaning

Communication means getting information or message across to people. It could be verbal or non-verbal means of communication. It also means the passing of information from one person to another. 

The Traditional Methods of Communication

Before the advent of writing and other modern methods of sending information, people in traditional societies made use of different methods.

  1. The use of drums: Drums were used to pass information to people in traditional societies. Flutes and gongs were also used in traditional societies to send information to people.
  2. The uses of town criers: Traditional rulers in Yoruba and Igbo lands used the town criers to send information to people. When there were meetings to be held, town criers went about the communities informing people of the meetings
  3. The use of symbols: People made use of particular symbols and objects to send information across to people in traditional societies. Gunpowder was one of the objects used in traditional societies. If gunpowder is sent to a community leader, the information is that the community should prepare for attack or war.

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Modern Types of Communication
  1. Postal Systems: This was the earliest modern means of communication. It was introduced into Nigeria in 1851. It involves sending letters at locations called post office. The letters will then be taken to addresses written on the envelopes.
  2. Newspapers: The newspapers are one of the ways of modern communication. The first newspaper in Nigeria was called Iwe Iroyin published in 1859 in Abeokuta. Names of other newspapers in Nigeria today are guardian, punch, daily times, tribune etc.
  3. Radio and Television: Radio and Television are the means of sending information and messages across to people. Goods and services are also advertised on radio and television stations.
  4. Telephone: The use of telephones is the fastest means of communication today. In Nigeria, we have the land-phone and the mobile phone services (GSM) GSM means Global system of mobile communication. There are many service providers of mobile phones. These are MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL.
  1. Internet: Information could be sent or received through the use of internet services. Individuals carry e-mail addresses while institutions and corporations have website addresses e.g, www means World Wide Web.

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  1. Define communication.
  2. Mention the traditional methods of communication.
  3. Mention the modern methods of communication.



The Importance Or Roles of Communication

  1. Proper uses of modern means of communication will promote the economic development of individuals and the country.
  2. Communication is a source of revenue to government and individuals. Government and people generate a lot of money through communication.
  3. Communication saves time and cost. The use of mobile phones saves peoples time and money.
  4. Communication through modern ways promotes our culture. Cultures of people are made known to others through the pages of newspaper, radio and television stations.
  5. Effective communication promotes national and International Cooperation and understanding.
  6. Modern means of communication assists in the spread of information from one part of the world to others.



What are the roles of modern means of communication to the development of society?


General EVALUATION QUESTIONS / Revision Questions

  1. Define harmful substances.
  2. Give five examples of harmful substances.
  3. Identify five ways of preventing the intake of harmful substances.
  4. Mention the states that are found in the north-central geo-political zone of Nigeria.
  5. Why is the family regarded as the primary source of value?



Macmillan Social Studies Book 2 by M.A. Orebanjo, I.O. Osokoya, R. Acholonu Pages 46 – 48.


  1. The government agency responsible for carrying letters from one place to another is A. NIPOST B. PHCN C. NNPC D. NDLEA
  2. Communication means one of the following A. Movement of people B. Passing of information from one person to another  C. movement of animals from one place to another D. Movement of goods and services.
  3. One of the following is not a traditional means of communication A. Town criers B. Flutes and gongs C. drums D. Radio and television.
  4. The first newspaper in Nigeria was A. Iwe Iroyin B. Punch C. guardian D. Daily times.
  5. What is the fastest means of communication A. Radio B. Television C. NIPOST D. Telephone



  1. What are the traditional methods of communication?
  2. Mention the roles or importance of communication in Nigeria.




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