Family as the Basic Unit of Society



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Family refers to those who are related by blood, marriage or law. The family is the smallest social unit of a society, it is the part through which a child comes into the world. A family is formed when a man and a woman through marriage agree to live together as husband and wife.


There are two common types of family in our society. These are the nuclear and the extended family. A nuclear family consists of a man, his wife and their children, while an extended family is made up of a man, his wife or wives, children and other relations like cousin, nephews, grandparents etc.


Advantages of Living Together in the Family

  1. Protection: It is the duty of the parents to protect their children from danger. The parents must ensure that they live in a safe environment.
  2. Unity: Living together in the family promotes the spirit of unity among members of the family.
  3. Provision of basic needs: The family is responsible for the provision of basic needs like food, clothes and shelter for the children.
  4. Education of children: The family creates an opportunity for the children to receive formal education by sending them to school and paying their school fees.
  5. Good social behaviour: The family provides an avenue for the teaching of acceptable cultural values by parents to their children.
  6. Happiness: The family provides happiness for the members of the family.


Evaluation Questions

  1. Define family.
  2. What are the advantages of living together in the family?



  1. It is love that binds members of the family together.
  2. Members of the family should live in unity and love one another.
  3. The husband should love the wife and the children and the wife is expected to submit totally to the husband.
  4. The parents should show love and affection to their children while children should love and respect their parents.
  5. There is cooperation in the family. Members of the family cooperate with one another and also share things in common.

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Importance of Good Family Reputation

  1. Good family reputation enhances trust and confidence. A family with a good reputation is trusted by society.
  2. Members of a family with a good reputation are respected by other families.
  3. Members of the family with a good reputation serve as role models to other families.
  4. People will like to associate with families that have a good reputation.
  5. People will like to marry from families that have a good reputation.
  6. Family with a good reputation can present one with social advantages in life. It also has the potential to supply an individual with great opportunity.


General Evaluation

  1. Explain Family bond and cohesion.
  2. Mention the importance of good family reputation.


General Evaluation/ Revision Questions

  1. Define drug trafficking.
  2. Identify four dangers of drug trafficking.
  3. What are the effects of crime on society?
  4. Mention five agents of socialization.
  5. Mention four steps to take when sexually abused.


Reading Assignment: Macmillan JSS Social Studies book 2 by M.A. Orebanjo, I.O Osokoya et. Al. Pages 52 – 54.


Weekend Assignment:

  1. Which of the following does not belong? A. Nuclear B. Extended C. Compound D. Polyandry
  2. A close and intimate relationship is a feature of A. Primary Social Group B. Secondary Social Group C. Nigeria Union of Teachers D. Nigeria Union of Journalists.
  3. The family belongs to A. secondary social group B. primary social group C. tertiary social group D. universal social group
  4. Living together in a family enhances all of the following except A. provision of essential needs B. protection of members C. happiness of members D. protection of anti-social behaviour
  5. The nuclear family is also known as __________ family A. distance B. peace C. family D. immediate



  1. Mention five advantages of living together in the family.
  2. Identify the importance of a good family reputation.




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In our next class, we will be talking about Gender. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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