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Meaning of Finding Help

Finding help involves providing or seeking assistance or support in order to find a remedy or relief from a problem or make a situation more bearable. Adults are role models and friends and need to help adolescents to make the transition into adulthood.


Situations When People Need Help
  1. People need help when entering into a new relationship.
  2. People need help during emotions disturbances.
  3. Young ones need help when they are worried about changes in their bodies.
  4. People need help in time of poverty or lack of shelter.
  5. Help is needed when you have educational problems.
  6. Help is needed during an unplanned pregnancy.
  7. Help is needed for drug addicts.


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People Who Can Help
  1. Parents/guardians and other family members.
  2. Educational counsellors.
  3. Marriage counsellors
  4. Religious leaders e.g Pastors, Imams etc.
  5. Health workers such as doctors, nurses etc.
  6. Trusted and experienced adults.
  7. Law enforcement agency such as the police.



  1. Define finding help.
  2. Identify five situations when people need help.


Skills Necessary When Seeking Help
  1. A good verbal and non-verbal communication is important.
  2. Assertiveness, that is, willingness to speak to someone you don’t know until he understands and helps you.
  3. There should be a willingness to learn more through discussions with someone else.


Skills Necessary When Helping Others
  1. The environment should be very conducive and discussion must be done in privacy.
  2. A good listening habit is necessary when helping others. You must ensure that you understand what the person has said.
  3. Empathy: You must put yourself in the person’s position.
  4. Do not judge what the person has done.
  5. You must direct him/her to a person that can give professional advice.

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  1. Identify the skills needed when seeking help.
  2. What are the skills needed when helping others?



  1. Define social problems.
  2. Mention five social problems in Nigeria.
  3. What are the effects of social problems on an individual?
  4. Suggest five ways of solving social problems in Nigeria.
  5. Mention five voluntary organizations we have in Nigeria.



Solakat New Syllabus on Social Studies for Junior Secondary Schools Book 2 by Oluwasola Oyewole Pages 53 – 55.



  1. All the following people can help except A. Health workers B. Pastors C. Untrusted People D. nurses
  2. One of the following is not a skill needed when seeking help A. willingness to learn B. good communication skill C. aggressiveness D. willingness to speak out.
  3. One of the following is the meaning of empathy A. to engage in long conversation B. to be disobedient to elders C. to put yourself in another person’s position D. to be contented with what you have.
  4. All the following are skills necessary when helping others except A. discussion must be done in privacy B. discussion must be in public C. do not judge what the person has done D. listening to the person.
  5. Which of the following persons could be of help to a student with academic challenges? A. doctor B. pastor C. imam D. educational counsellor.



  1. Identify five situations when people need help.
  2. Mention three skills necessary when seeking help.



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