Science, Technology and Society III

Lesson THREE


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Home Appliances: Meaning of Home Appliances

Home appliances are referred to as those things and instruments we use at home that enable us to live a comfortable life. Home appliances are the instruments, equipment or materials we use at home to ease our work or make life more comfortable. Home appliances can be electrical or mechanical devices.


Some Home Appliances and Their Uses
  1. Clothes dryer: It is an appliance that dries clothes by passing heated air through a revolving drum while the wet clothes tremble. A clothes dryer consists of a hollow drum, a motor, a fan, a set of controls and a heat source. Some dryers use electric heat coils as a heat source and others use a natural gas burner.
  2. Dishwasher: This is a kitchen appliance that automatically washes, rinses and dries dishes and utensils. To operate a modern dishwasher, the user loads dirty dishes into the machines wire racks, adds detergent, closes the loading door and turns on the machine.
  3. Micro- Wave Oven: This is an appliance that uses electromagnetic energy to heat and cook foods. A microwave oven uses microwaves, very short radio waves commonly employed in radar and or satellite communications.
  4. Stove: This is an appliance used to generate heat to cook food. Some stoves make use of kerosene, gas and some are powered by electricity.
  5. Toaster: This is a kitchen appliance that uses electrical heat to toast bread and other foods.
  6. Electric Iron: This is used for ironing clothes to make them smooth.
  7. Electric kettle: It is used for boiling water.
  8. Blender: This is an electric machine that is used to mix liquids and soft foods together.
  9. Refrigerator: A large piece of electrical kitchen equipment, shaped like a cupboard used for keeping foods and drinks cool.



  1. Define home appliances.
  2. Mention five home appliances and their uses.


Dangers of the Wrong Uses of Appliances

  1. Injury: Wrong uses of appliances may result in injuries such as:
      • Burns: Fire burning from a gas cooker.
      • Scald: Burning from heated water by boiling ring or electric kettle heater.
      • Dislocation: Electric shock throwing off the user and resulting in bone displacement.
  2. Fracture: Electric shock throwing off the user and resulting in broken bones.
  3. Death: Loss of life is the ultimate result of wrong uses of electrical appliances.
  4. Fire Outbreak: Explosion or fire outbreak is another danger from wrong uses of appliances which may set ablaze the whole house.
  5. Breakdown of the appliances: Wrong use of appliances may cause the appliances to develop a fault and eventually becomes dangerous.


How Electrical Home Appliances Can be Wrongly Used

  1. When electrical home appliances are plugged with wet hands.
  2. Use of electrical home appliances when they are faulty.
  3. When the users of electrical home appliances do not follow the instructions written on the manual.
  4. Electrical home appliances can be wrongly used when the users do not care or maintain the appliances.



What are the dangers in the wrong uses of electrical home appliance?



  1. Explain the following: i. Inter-ethnic marriage ii. Intra-ethnic marriage iii. Court marriage.
  2. Mention five effects of lack of readiness in a marriage or relationship.
  3. Differentiate between Christian and Muslim marriage.
  4. Identify the various conditions for marriage.
  5. Define family.



Macmillan Social Studies Book 2 by M.A Orebanjo, I.O Osokoya Pages 78–81.



  1. Home appliances means  A. Those things we use at home that make life sorrowful B. Those things we use at home that make life miserable C. Those things we use at home that leads to injury and death. D. Those things we use at home that make life comfortable.
  2. _____is the home appliance used to boil water A. Blender B. Electric kettle C. Toaster D. Cloth dryer.
  3. Which of the home appliances is used to toast bread? A. Toaster B. Blender C. Stove D. Boiling ring
  4. Which of the home appliances is used to cool foods and drinks? A. Blender B. Electric iron C. Refrigerator D. Stove
  5. Which of the home appliances is used to iron clothes? A. Blender B. Electric kettle C. Toaster D. Electric iron.



  1. Define home appliances.
  2. Mention five home appliances and their uses.



We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

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In our next class, we will continue our discussion on Science, Technology and Society. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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