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We are building on our work from the First term as we learn more about Social Studies.

In today’s class, We will be discussing Values. We hope you enjoy the class!




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Value is the acceptable way of living considered as normal by a particular group of people. Values are also defined as the degree of importance an individual attaches to a particular thing. Values also mean the worth of a particular thing in monetary terms. Value refers to what a society regards as very important and is held in high esteem.



  1. It helps individuals to make decisions.
  2. Value promote positive relationship among different people.
  3. Values promote peace and progress of society.
  4. Values enable us to choose friends that share the same values.
  5. Values help to regulate people’s behaviour.
  6. Values enable people to obey the rules and regulations of the country.
  7. Values prevent people from making mistakes.


Self Evaluation

  1. Define Value.
  2. What is the importance of values?

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Individuals acquire values through the agents of socialization. Socialization is the process by which individuals learn the values and culture of the society. These agents of socialization are sources of values. They are:

  1. Family: The family is the primary source of value. Children receive values from their parents.
  2. Peer Group: Children learn from their peers
  3. School: The schools inculcate values in children and students.
  4. Mass media e.g. Television, radio and newspapers.
  5. Religion: The churches and mosques teach values.
  6. Voluntary organizations e.g. red cross, girls guide, boys scout etc also teach values.


Factors That Influence Our Values

  1. Equality: Understanding that everybody has the same rights irrespective of their ethnic groups and gender.
  2. Honesty: Telling the truth, that is, meaning of what you say.
  3. Respect: Treating everyone including yourself with dignity and respect.
  4. Self – control: Being able to control your own actions.
  5. Responsibility: We should carry out our duties and must be responsible for our actions.
  6. Social Justice: We should treat people equally and fairly.

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Values Clarification

  1. Being clear about our own values and beliefs help us to make decisions that feel right to us.
  2. Value clarifications serve as a guide to achieving set goals in life.
  3. Values clarifications help us to become the kind of person we want to be and live the kind of life we want to live.
  4. Values clarifications prevent us from making mistakes in life.
  5. Values clarifications serve as a guide in our relationship with other people.


Self Evaluation

  1. Identify the sources of values.
  2. What are the factors that influence our values?


General Self Evaluation / Revision Questions

  1. What are the subjects that make up social studies?
  2. Explain social and physical environments.
  3. Define socialization.
  4. Mention four agents of socialization.
  5. Define crime.


Reading Assignment

Solakat New Syllabus on Social Studies book 2 by A. OluwasolaOyewole. Pages 89 – 91.


Weekend Assignment

  1. All the following are sources of values except A. Family B. School C. Hospital D. Mass media.
  2. All the following factors influence our values except A. Respect B. Injustice C. Honesty D. Self control
  3. One of the following is the importance of values A. Values promote peace and progress B. values enable us to commit crimes C. Values enable us to choose bad friends D. Values enable us to make mistakes.
  4. Social justice as a factor that influences our values means A. We should treat people equally and fairly B. We should hate people C. We should dislike others D. We should always punish others.
  5. Voluntary organizations include the following except A. Red cross B. Boys scout C. Girls brigade D. Nigerian Labour Congress.



  1. Mention five importance of values
  2. List and explain the sources of values.
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