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The conditions for marriage are as follows:

  1. Marriage is contracted between those who are not closely related.
  2. It is the man in most cases that approaches the girl and asks her to be his wife.
  3. The man and the woman inform their parents.
  4. Each family inquires into the family background of the other to know if the family is well mannered and does not suffer from any incurable diseases.
  5. A person often acts as an intermediary between the couple before the wedding.
  6. The consent of the two is important before marriage is contracted.
  7. Bride price is paid by the husband or family of the husband.


Evaluation Questions:

  1. Mention the conditions for marriage.



 Effects of Lack of Readiness in Marriage Relationship 

  1. It leads to separation and divorce.
  2. It causes poverty.
  3. It often exposes the children to unnecessary abuse by either of the parent or outsiders.
  4. It prevents the cordial relationship between the parents and the children.
  5. It can force the female child to engage in pre-marital sex which may lead to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases e.g. HIV/AIDS etc.
  6. The children will be exposed to many dangers.



Challenges or Problems in Marriage

  1. Separation: Separation in marriage is when the couple is no longer living together. This could be as a result of misunderstanding and constant quarrelling between husband and wife.
  2. Divorce: Divorce occurs when the marriage has been dissolved with a legal document backing up the separation. This is the greatest challenge or problem of marriage.
  3. Quarrelling: A constant fight between the couple can lead to divorce.
  4. Economic instability: This occurs when the couple finds it difficult to meet the financial and needs of the family. The basic needs are food, shelter and clothing.
  5. Raising and proper upbringing of children: This is another problem parent’s face in marriage.
  6. Bareness: This is when the wife could not give birth to children. This could lead to divorce.
  7. Infidelity: Extramarital relationship by either of the couple can cause misunderstanding and divorce.
  8. Family disapproval: There will be a serious challenge if any of the family of the couple does not approve the marriage
  9. Interference by the members either the wife’s or husband family can cause misunderstanding between the couple.
  10. Death: The loss of either of the couple through death poses a great challenge to the family.


family conflict
family conflict


Solutions to Marital Challenges

  1. Forgiveness: Couples should be able to forgive each other whenever an offence is committed
  2. Tolerance: Husband and wife should learn how to tolerate each other weakness
  3. Trust: Couples should build their relationship on trust and mutual understanding
  4. Faithfulness: Couples should be faithful to each other
  5. Mutual Respect: Respect for each other reduces challenges in marriage and also promotes cooperation.
  6. Avoidance of intruder: Husband and wife should learn to settle their problems between themselves and avoid unnecessary interference from friends and relations.
  7. Good Counselor such as religious leader also helps to solve marital challenges and problems
  8. Love: Love is the most important factor that promotes a good marital relationship. Husband and wife should endeavour to love one another.



  1. What are the effects of lack of readiness in a marriage relationship?
  2. Mention 5 challenges or problems in a marriage
  3. Identified 4 solutions to marital challenges


General Evaluation / Revision Questions:

  1. Identify five cultural similarities in Nigeria.
  2. What is the difference between folklore and legend?
  3. Differentiate between material and non-material aspects of culture.
  4. What is friendship?
  5. Mention three importance of friendship.


Reading Assignment

  1. Macmillan Social Studies book 2 by M.A. Orebanjo et al pages 10 – 14.
  2. SolakatNew Syllabus on Social Studies book 2 by Oluwasola Oyewole pages 39 – 44.

Weekend Assignment

  1. A Muslim marriage is conducted in the ______ A. house of the bride B. house of the bridegroom C. in the hotel D. in a town hall.
  2. Marriage between people from different ethnic groups is known as _______ marriage Intra – ethnic B. Nikkah C. inter-ethnic D. Polyandry
  3. Marriage between people from the same ethnic group is known as ________ marriage A. Nikkah B. polyandry C. inter-ethnic D. Intra – ethnic.
  4. All the following are effects of lack of readiness in marriage except A. it leads to poverty B. it enhances the cordial relationship between the husband and the wife C. the children are exposed to so many dangers D. it leads to separation.
  5. In marriage, bride price is paid by the _______ A. groom B. bride C. bride’s family D. friend of the bride.



  1. Identify the necessary conditions for marriage.
  2. What are the effects of lack of readiness in a marriage relationship?



We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

In our next class, we will be talking about Family as the Basic Unit of Society. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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