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Consequences of Corruption on Individual

  • Psychological effect: The honest and hardworking person could be frustrated seeing the corrupt ones wallowing in ill-gotten wealth.
  • Laziness: It discourages hard work.
  • Lack of trust: If found out, the corrupt officer will lose integrity amidst his colleagues.


Consequences of Corruption on Society

  • Crime: Corruption is a crime against society and it encourages other forms of crime.
  • Unproductiveness: There will be a lack of efficiency as the corrupt personnel might not be qualified for the post. Invariably, the company or institution even the society at large will feel the pains.
  • Low Development: Since funds needed for the development of society are diverted, it slows down the economic development of society.


Consequences of Corruption on Nations

  • Political Instability.
  • Bad Image Internationally.
  • Economic Depression.
  • Social Instability.



  1. State two consequences of corruption on society.
  2. How can corruption bring about economic depression?


Roles of Government Agencies That Prevent Corruption

  • Police Officer: To maintain peace and order and make sure corrupt officers are charged to court.
  • Court: To administer judgments on corrupt officers without favouritism.
  • Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC): This body deals with people who are involved in general corrupt practices.
  • Economic and Financial Crime Commission deals with people involved in financial crimes.
  • National Agencies for Drug Administration and Control deals with people who produce and sell food and drugs illegally.


Prevention Strategies

  • Honest people should be rewarded
  • There should be a sound and achievable economic policy on ground.
  • Sanctions should be put in place and enforced.



  1. Mention two consequences of corruption.
  2. Discuss two roles of any agency battling corruption.



  1. Define corruption.
  2. Write in full: (i) EFCC (ii) ICPC (iii) NAFDAC
  3. State the difference in the roles performed by the ICPC and the EFCC.
  4. Define environmental problems.
  5. Give three (3) solutions to environmental problems.



Solokat New syllabus on Social Studies for JSS vol11by A Oluwashola Oyewole pg.33

Macmillan JSS Social Studies 2 by M.A Orebanjo pgs 29-30.



  1. The most visible agency that fights against corruption in Nigeria is (a) the police (b) the army (c) EFCC (d) boys brigade
  2. One of the following is not a prevention strategy (a) sound economic policy (b) hard work (c) rewards (d) unproductiveness.
  3. The full meaning of EFCC is (a) Economic and Financial Crime Commission (b) Endowment Funds for Crime Commission (c) Emergency Financial Crime (d) Economic Forum for Corporate Companies.
  4. One of the following agencies is charged with the responsibility of preventing corruption (a) NDE (b) NAFDAC (c) NAPEP (d) PDP
  5. The conversion of public money into private use is (a) bribery (b) foreign exchange (c) donation (d) embezzlement


  1. Discuss two effects of corruption on an individual.
  2. Suggest two ways by which government efforts in preventing corruption could be improved.



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