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Meaning of Assertiveness 

Assertiveness means communicating feelings, opinions, ideas and needs and at the same time respecting the rights of others. It involves communicating and making one’s feelings and needs known to others without violating the rights of other people.


Importance of Assertiveness
  1. Assertiveness enables a person to avoid exploitation.
  2. It enables a person to get what he wants and earn respect.
  3. It increases one’s self-esteem.
  4. It gives a sense of fulfilment.
  5. It can promote friendship.


Differences between Assertiveness, Aggressiveness, Passive and Manipulation

Assertiveness: It helps people feel proud of themselves and enhances one’s relationship with friends and family. Assertiveness does not involve being violent, aggressive, rude, abusive and disrespectful. It does not make one become a bully.


Aggressiveness: It means standing for one’s right at the expense of someone else’s rights. Aggressiveness involves the following:

    1. Blaming or criticizing the other person.
    2. Putting other people down.
    3. Using abusive language.
    4. Cutting off communication rather than keeping it open.
    5. Confronting other people who have different opinions and ideas.


Passiveness: Passiveness means not expressing one’s needs and feelings or expressing them so weakly that they will neither be understood nor be addressed.

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Manipulation: Manipulation involves pretending that everything is alright and trying to get what you want in a dubious way.


Assertiveness skills.

  1. Taking a position
  2. Stating and repeating one’s position
  3. Taking the offensive if need be
  4. Offering a compromise, if need be
  5. Refusing further discussion
  6. Walking away from the scene

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Behaviours that improves Assertiveness

  1. Being honest
  2. Proper understanding of one’s values and other people’s values
  3. Speaking up for one’s self
  4. Having a positive self – esteem.
  5. Use of positive body image and body language.




  1. Define assertiveness
  2. Differentiate between assertiveness, passiveness, aggressiveness and manipulation.



  1. What is the meaning of gender?
  2. Mention five gender roles for males.
  3. Mention five gender roles for females.
  4. Identify five gender similarities for both males and females.
  5. Mention three professions dominated by females.



Solakat New Syllabus on Social Studies for JSS 1 by Oluwasola Oyewole Pages 58 – 60.



  1. All the following are the importance of assertiveness except A. It increases one’s self-esteem B. It gives a sense of fulfilment C. It makes one exploit others D. It can promote friendship.
  2. An aggressive person does the following except A. he uses abusive language B. he puts other people down C. he blames people always D. he listens to and considers other people’s opinions.
  3. Passiveness means the following except _____ A. not to express one’s needs B. not to express one’s feelings C. to express opinions weakly D. to be bold in the expression of opinions and ideas.
  4. Manipulation means all the following except A. to pretend that everything is alright B. to get what you want in a dubious way  C. to get what you want by force D. to respect other people’s opinions and ideas.
  5. Assertiveness does not involve the following except A. being violent B. being aggressive C. being rude D. being respectful.



  1. Write short notes on the following
      • i. Assertiveness
      • ii. Aggressiveness
      • iii. Manipulation
      • iv.   Passiveness
  2. Identify three importance of assertiveness.



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In our next class, we will be talking about the National Economy, particularly Savings and ways of Saving. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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