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Gender stereotypes refer to forcing people into a role based on gender. When people break these stereotypes, they are sometimes forced by their culture to accept them or be ostracized by their communities.


Examples of Gender Stereotypes are:

  1. Males are stereotyped as being uncaring, more rational, strong, brave, rough, staying away from home and being more interested in sports.
  2. Women are stereotyped as being caring, less rational, more prone to tears, more gentle, talking more and wanting to take care of children.


Evaluation Questions:

  1. Define gender stereotypes.
  2. Give examples of gender stereotypes.


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Negative Effects of Gender Stereotypes

  1. Gender stereotypes kill initiatives.
  2. It encourages unnecessary rivalry.
  3. It can be discriminating.
  4. Gender stereotypes can limit achievements.
  5. It kills talents and discourages creativity.
  6. It encourages violence.
  7. It encourages the exploitation of the weaker sex.


Importance of Gender Equality

In order to avoid the negative effects of gender stereotyping, we must promote gender equality because of the following reasons:

  1. Gender stereotyping is unfair since male and female are human beings.
  2. Both males and females have equal values.
  3. Gender equality is important in order to ensure mutual understanding and respect for both genders.
  4. Gender equality enables males and females to see themselves as partners in a relationship.
  5. It promotes peace, justice and equity.
  6. It ensures gender balance in education and development.
  7. Both men and women have the same rights under the law e.g. freedom of association, movement, expression etc.


Evaluation Questions

  1. Identify the negative effects of gender stereotypes.
  2. Mention the importance of gender equality.


General Evaluation /Revision Questions:

  1. What are the roles and responsibilities of the father?
  2. What are the roles and responsibilities of the mother?
  3. What are the roles and responsibilities of the children?
  4. Mention three examples of a primary group.
  5. Define socialization.


Reading Assignment

Solakat New syllabus on Social Studies book 2 by A. Oluwasola Oyewole. Pages 91 – 95.


Weekend Assignment:

  1. Males are stereotyped as being the following except A. caring B. uncaring C. strong D. brave.
  2. Females are stereotyped as being the following except A. caring B. talking more C. talking less D. more prone to tears
  3. All the following are negative effects of gender stereotype except A. it encourages violence B. it kills initiative C. it does not kill initiative D. it can be discriminating.
  4. One of the following is not an importance of gender equality A. males and females are human beings B. males and females are parties in a relationship C. it promotes violence D. it enhances justice and equality.
  5. All the following professions are regarded as male professions except A. nursing B. bricklaying B. carpentry C. plumbing D. truck drivers.



  1. What is gender stereotypes
  2. Give examples of gender stereotypes
  3. Mention five negative effects of gender stereotypes



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In our next class, we will be talking about Accidents in Schools. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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