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Corruption is the misuse of power and embezzlement of public money. It is also a dishonest, illegal or immoral behaviour especially from someone with/in power.


Forms of Corruption
  1. Embezzlement: This is the act of converting public funds into private use.
  2. Kick Backs: This is a process of inflating the cost of a project in order to have a share from the contractor.
  3. Bribery and Immorality: This usually occurs when seeking for a job, in need of promotion etc. and one pays money or uses her body to achieve this.



  1. Define corruption.
  2. List three forms of corruption.


Types of corruption

  1. Autogenic Corruption: It is a way of generating illegal funds for oneself.
  2. Exhortative Corruption: Money is demanded here before a service is rendered.
  3. Defensive Corruption: This is borne out of a desperate situation.
  4. Nepotistic Corruption: It is linked to preferential treatment based on relationship.
  5. Transactive Corruption: This occurs between corrupt government worker and a corrupt contractor.
  6. Investive Corruption: This is when a help either monetarily or otherwise is rendered with the hope that one will get assistance in future.


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Causes of Corruption

  1. Poverty
  2. Greed
  3. Absence of sanction.
  4. Over ambitiousness etc.



  1. List the types of Corruption and explain any two.
  2. Explain the absence of sanction as a reason for corruption.


  1. What is the full meaning of EFCC?
  2. Who is the head of EFCC?
  3. Define corruption and explain two types
  4. List four causes of corruption and explain two.
  5. State five resources and their locations.
  6. Define natural resources.





Solokat New syllabus on Social Studies for JSS vol11by A Oluwashola Oyewole pg.33

Macmillan JSS Social Studies 2 by M.A Orebanjo pgs 29-30.



  1. A kind of tip a person gets in order to perform his normal duty is (a) Bribe (b) Corruption (c) Wages (d) Immorality
  2. Corruption may take any form of the following except (a) Integrity (b) Bribery (c) Embezzlement (d) Collection of kickback.
  3. ______ leads to economic insecurity (a) Corruption (b) Lack of electricity (c) Bribery (d) Kickback.
  4. All but one of the following is the major causes of corruption in Nigeria (a) Poverty (b) Economic insecurity (c) Contentment (d) Greediness.
  5. The conversion of public funds to private use is (a) Embezzlement (b) Kickback (c) Bribery (d) Illegal.



  1. Define Corruption?
  2. Mention five causes of corruption



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