General Objectives of Social Studies


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Since man lives in a group or society of different cultures, there is a need for social studies so as to achieve specific objectives such as

  1. To understand and appreciate other people’s culture and to live peacefully with others.
  2. To learn how to rely on and exploit the physical environments.
  3. To be law-abiding citizens and nation builders.
  4. To be dynamic leaders and good followers.
  5. To understand changes and how to cope with such changes in our community.
  6. To appreciate the need to play our roles at home, school, community and in our country.



  1. What are the objectives of Social Studies?
  2. Define Social Studies.

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The Right Type of Values and Attitudes

There is a need to inculcate the right types of values and attitudes into the young ones. This is aimed at:

  1. To ensure the survival of the individuals and the Nigerian society.
  2. The training of the mind in understanding the world around us.
  3. The possession and acquisition of appropriate skills.
  4. The abilities and competence are both mental and physical as equipment for individuals to live and contribute to the development of society.


In addition to the above, other objectives of Social Studies include:

  1. The development of a student’s sense of respect for tolerating the opinions of other people.
  2. The inculcation of the spirit of national consciousness and patriotism in the young ones.
  3. The development of the self-confidence of the young ones.
  4. The development of the talents and potentials of the young ones.
  5. To inculcate into the young ones the abilities to contribute to the development and creation of a united Nigeria.



  1. Identify other objectives of Social Studies.
  2. Differentiate between the social and physical environment of man.



  1. Explain how Social Studies could help someone to be morally upright.
  2. State four reason for the studying of Social Studies.
  3. Identify four characteristics of the primary social group.
  4. Define family.
  5. Explain the following
    • Nuclear family.
    • Extended family.
    • Compound family.



Fundamental of Social Studies for Basic 8 (Jss2), by Sola Akinyemi, pages 1-2



  1. One of these is not a function of Social Studies (a) It helps us to understand our culture (b) It allows us to know more about our culture. (c) It makes us know how to fight our enemies.
  2. The development of a student’s sense of respect for tolerating the opinions of others is important in times of (a) festivals (b) disagreement (c) ceremonies
  3. Subject related to social studies are (a) Civic Education, History and Economics (b) History, Physics and Biology (c) Geography, Biology and Chemistry
  4. Patriotism means (a) feeling of love and duty towards our country (b) respecting other people’s opinions (c) fighting with others who disagree with us
  5. One of the following best defines Social Studies (a) The study of man (b) The study of the physical and social environment (c) The study of man’s interaction with his physical and social environments



  1. Identify five objectives of Social Studies.
  2. How does an individual acquire the right types of values and attitudes?


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