Comprehension (From the Jero play by Soyinka)


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In today’s English Language class, We will be reading the Comprehension: From the Jero Plays, by Wole Soyinka. We hope you enjoy the class!



COMPREHENSION: From The Jero Plays, by Wole Soyinka


  • The summary of the passage


The passage is a drama piece acted by two characters, Amope and a trader. An argument ensued between the trader (a fish-seller) and Amope and it resulted in the use of a stream of invective on each other.


Evaluation: Do practice 2 on page 98 of Effective English Book 3.

Reference: Effective English Book 3

Reading Assignment: Read Effective English Book 3 pages 97 and 98.




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In our next class, we will be doing some SpeechWork as we look at the Consonant /h/. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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