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In today’s English Language class, We will be learning about RExpressing Ability Using “can”, “be able” and “capable of”. We hope you enjoy the class!


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STRUCTURE: Expressing Ability using “can”, “be able” and “capable of”


“Can” is a modal auxiliary that can be used to express ability; i.e. what somebody/one is able to do. For example:

  1. Can you play the piano?
  2. I can hear someone calling
  3. She should be able to play the piano.
  4. They haven’t been able to get much work done today.
  5. We were not able to locate the place.
  6. I could see there was something wrong.
  7. I can’t do the work alone.
  8. He’s quite capable of lying to get out of trouble.
  9. She’s capable of organizing the party.
  10. She’s never capable of doing anything well.


Note that:

It is wrong to use “can” and “be able to” together in sentences e.g.

  • I can’t be able to do the work.
  • They can’t be able to get the book.



  • Correct the following sentences:
  • Can she be able to do it?
  • I couldn’t be able to solve the problem
  • We were not able to complete the forms yesterday.
  • He can’t unable to do the work.
  • Write three sentences of your own using can, able to and capable of to express ability.


Reference: English Grammar for JSS By Olatunbosun; The New Student’s Companion for Secondary School by Chris Talbet; Oxford Advanced learner’s \Dictionary.


Reading Assignment: Read “Special use of Auxiliary Verbs” on pages 48- 49 of Olatunbosun’s English Grammar for JSS Book 3.



Evaluation: Write for or against the topic: “A Teacher Is More Important Than A Doctor In A Society”


Reading Assignment: Read page 14 of C.O. Odetola’s Creative and Guided Composition for Senior Classes.



  1. Use the dictionary to transcribe the following words.
      • Listen
      • phlegm
      • hustle
      • comb
      • hedge.


2) Write your argument for or against the motion that, ‘Female Education Ends in the Kitchen.’



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We have come to the end of this term. It’s been a remarkable journey and we are glad that you have made it this far. For making it this far, we commend you for being resilient, you have taken charge of your education and future.

The Journey still continues though, we are moving on to Second Term. we hope to meet you there. 


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