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TOPIC: Structure: Expressing Exception using except for, but, and apart from.



Exception means excluding something or someone from a general statement or a group.

An exception can be expressed in different ways. We can use such words as except, except for, but and apart from to express exception.


Now, consider the following examples:

  1. They all attended the party except Mary
  2. We come to school every day except Saturday and Sunday
  3. I had nothing on except for my socks
  4. All the houses are new except for those two over there.
  5. She had no choice but to sign the contract.
  6. They have answered all apart from the last question.
  7. We are all students apart from Stephen



Use “except, “except for” “but” and “apart from” to form ten sentences that express exception.



Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

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TOPIC: Comprehension: Fulani Future – Argument


  • Summary of the passage
  • Evaluation

The passage talks about the nomads, the challenges or problems facing them and the possible ways of solving them. One suggestion given as a possible solution to their problems was the establishment of reservations. However, it is still argued that this may not be the best solution because of its disadvantages.



Do practice 3 on page 112 of effective English for J.S.S 3



Effective English for J.S.S 3



Read pages 112 & 113 of Effective English BK.3


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