Vocabulary Development (Words Building using Prefixes)


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VOCABULARY DEVELOPMENT: Word Building, Using prefixes: super, over, wider, counter, anti, pro, Trans, inter and hyper.


As we learnt in previous lessons, prefixes are added to the beginning of words to alter their meanings. Each prefix has its own meaning. For examples:

Prefix Meaning Examples
1 Super Greater than normal Super-human
2 Over More than usual Overblown, over-charge
3 Under Less than usual under-charge, under-estimate
4 Counter Against, opposite Counter-attack, counter-claim
5 Anti Against, opposed to Anti-Christ, anti-clockwise
6 Pro In favour of, supporting Pro-Democracy, Pro-active
7 Trans Beyond. into another state/place Trans- Atlantic transform, Transplant.
8 Inter Between, from one to another Inter-action, international, interface.
9 Hyper More than normal Hyper-active, hypertension.


Evaluation: Form two words with each of the following prefixes:

  1. Anti
  2. Counter
  3. Super
  4. Over
  5. Under
  6. Trans
  7. Hyper


Reference: Oxford advanced Learner’s Dictionary; English Grammar by P.O. Olatunbosun.

Reading Assignment: Read English Grammar by Olatunbosun, page 104



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In our next class, we will be talking about Expressing Possibility in Sentence Structure. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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