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In today’s English Language class, We will be Contrasting the vowels \ ɪ \ and \ iː\. We will also read a Comprehension on Solubility later on in the class. We hope you enjoy the class!


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Vowels \ ɪ \ and \ iː\ are described as spread half-close front vowel and spread close front vowel respectively. However, vowel \ ɪ \ is a short vowel while vowel \ iː \ is a long one.


They are present in the words below:

\ ɪ \

‘a’ – village, adage

‘e’ – before, women, English

‘u’-  business, busy

‘ei’- foreign

‘ui’-  build

‘y’- symbol, lynch,

‘I’- sit, pit, big,


\ iː\

“Uay’’- quay

‘ae’ – aesthetic

‘e’ – mete, procedure

‘ee’ – peel, meet

‘ea’ – heat, seat

‘ai’ – machine, prestige

‘ei’ – receive, deceive

‘ie’ – relieve, believe

‘oe’ – foetus, amoeba

‘ui’ – suite

‘eo’ – people




Write the sounds represented by the underlined letter (s) in the following words:

Minute                       Pig

Guilt                           kid

Caesar                      Deceive

Seek                           People

Myth                          Seat



Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology by S.A Fatunsin.



Read page 145 of Exam Focus: English for JSCE



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Comprehension: Solubility


  • Summary of the passage
  • Evaluation

The passage is a science text which gives an explanation on what Chemistry is all about.

It also talks about substances that are soluble in water and those that are not:



Do practice 2 on page 144 of Effective English bk.3



Effective English bk.3



Effective English bk.3 page 143


Use the following pronouns and phrases in sentences.

  1. He, him, I, they, them, we, us, she, her.
  2. Ada and I, Dele and me, he and she, him and her.
  3. Myself, yourself, yourselves, herself, himself, themselves, ourselves.



  1. Do practice twenty-four (2 only: 1-20) on page 98-100 of English Grammar by P.O Olatunbosun.
  2. Write 10 words that are associated with morals appraisal.




We have come to the end of this class. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

In our next class, we will be learning Words Associated with Moral Appraisal. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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